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Tell No One

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One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I really can recommend this else I wouldn't be making a journal about it :p

Gonna watch The Immortal aka 22 Bullets now, hope it's good :p

Anyone know any other flicks that are worth watching? (Non-English subbed)
Basically flicks that don't get allot of attention outside their native countries but are really worth watching.

Already seen Haute Tension (High Tension), Martyrs...

Seems like the french aren't completly useless afterall :D

e: here's an epic thread to everyone that's having a hard time finding decent movies or thinks that there's nothing more to watch:

e²: There's a movie about 2 eskimo chicks, a mother and a daughter and a guy that they find out on the plains and take in. The daughter begins a relationship with him... If anyone could tell me the title of this movie, was one of the sickest twists ever at the end :D
tell me the last non foreign movie you liked, weirdo! :D
Should have known that it would misleading. Excuse my lack of specification, nazi.
no problem, friend
I forgive you.
gut gut. ich werde dir und mir die witze und nazi attacken zu "non english" mal ersparen :P
Werde dir dann auch freundlicherweise ersparen das ich eigentlich zwei Staatsangehörigkeiten habe, Deustch und Amerikanisch, sodas deine Frage rein sachlich, wenn man das Journal vor dem Edit berücksichtigt, aus meiner Perspektive ziemlich komisch aussah. Aber um ehrlich zu sein hat mich das weirdo einfach genervt. ":D"
awww ":D"
Der Eisbär (obviously German and yeah it's pretty good)
Seen it a long time ago, nice movie but nothing too special :>
I don't know any other German movie with that style. Most movies coming from here seem to be either dramatic or comedic in a boring way.
yea, it's a stylish flick for sure, unexpected genre, especially from Germans.. Think lola rennt wasn't that bad either, can't remember tho =D
Gotta watch that one again someday. I think it was quite good but then it has been a loong time since I've seen it.
dont like award winning movies
far cry was great
you be mastering in the art of trolling, dis be not fair
Cidade de deus was nonenglish I guess ?
City of God, yea. Had to google first tho =D
I Kina spiser de hunde (Danish movie, they are crazy but I like it a lot)
La Haine
Les Diaboliques (1955)
The Seventh Seal (1957)

my favorite non-english movies
You ve seen the Seventh Seal ? What an awesome movie, is it not ? Every single camera movement/shot is wonderful... The first scene where the guy plays chess with the death by the sea i absolutely wonderful, or the final scence when they dance on the hill... One of my favourite movie definately !
thx, will try to find them
loved it :>
Ip Man II ! : D
already saw it on warez-bb, wanted to dl yesterday but I watched Mysterious Skin instead :D

Would watch it now but I can't listen to anything cuz I won't hear the doorbell, getting a new mobo today :D
Advent, Advent ein Jude brennt, ...
erst einer,
dann zwei,
drei, vier,
und dann das Land Israel !!

nice propaganda nazi movie
Like poland had no nazi's.. you gladly helped the Germans, just like many other occupied countries did :p
read a little history before u start to talk bullshit - poland was the only country which was occupied who never stoped to fight the germans (partizan war) -- and the serbs fight the germans too--- all other countrys were svreaming HEIL HITLER !!!

poland was the first country in 2 nd world war who starts to fight and the last one who stopped to fight -

but nevermind - the film is an Iranian movie about the hate for jews in iran
I read history, just the real stuff.

Advent, Advent ein Jude brennt, ...
zuerst die Arme,
dann die Beine,
dann der Rest der Judenschweine!
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