HUMM3L grow up!

It is important to notice that I at this very moment am being very mature and poetic at the same time.

First of all this team will never work out with S1LENTs whine ingame.

Second of all you are your team is nothing in this game anymore, you're been raging and whining each season about some ridiculous stuff, and now you're whining about not getting a qualifier?

Get a grip.
You may have been on all LANs, played prestigious tourneys and won some online medals. But the thing is that you've not in shape, your era is gone and you better get used to it. Some people these days think they're amazing because they had a good run once but still they can't face the fact that the time has come to move on.

You've got yourself one hell of a polish hooker girlfriend so please do the favor for yourself and be silent, move on, get an apartment together and grow up. When you get old and grey think about this time as something you've accomplished in life with some friends you could have all your life. Think about TosspoT's hilarious quotes, think about FiREBALLs aim, think about how much fun you guys had ingame, at LAN and so on. Each time you tend to call back this memory it'll put a smile on your face even tho it's pretty hard speaking of that profilepicture of yours.

Long story short, you were amazing. You had a good run. You're 25 years old now I assume, start thinking about getting growing up, getting a aupair maid, getting to find the love of your life instead of sitting in-front of the computer and being as the look-alike baconkid youtube hero kid well quoted "Sarcastic".

Let me at this very end of this journal post a quote from "The Wonder Years" TV series in US.

"“Growing up is never easy. You hold on to things that were. You wonder what's to come. But that night, I think we knew it was time to let go of what had been, and look ahead to what would be. Other days. New days. Days to come. The thing is, we didn't have to hate each other for getting older. We just had to forgive ourselves... for growing up.”"
i suggest YOU get a life instead :/
Knew I should become a psychologist....
Grow up yourself, fugging facket
Sup with aarlborg
i like your sense of humor^^
lol@silents whine ingame :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
didnt know u u r such a faggot, get ur facts right first and start thinking about yourself , mr. i make lans which never come true
there you go whining again ;o
Once again you got my back. Cheers mate, I owe you one.
We are totally ingame right now..
made me laugh :D
At least from what I've heard ;)))))
cool, pretty sad u write it in a journal although u aint sure if that what u heard is right...
what do you care what he writes ;P
comedy central
usually was wondering why so many ppl think that he is a retard, cause now i know that they were right :)
oh boi oh boi I am pretty sure :XD
he never whined ingame u desolate faggot
You sure about that Kiddo? :) I have 5 witnesses that have played with him for almost a year :)
kinda funny I never heard him
Seems like you first know him after he "changed"
if he changed ur comment about it wont work with his ingame whine is useless anyway ..right ?
nice bullshit fuckface
Not really :) kiddo
wasn das fürn matrose der adi, scheiss juden lutscher
hab dich nie ingame whinen gesehen
dacht ich mir auch lol
denk' das liegt daran, dass man sich ingame net "sieht".
ne, "wirklich" ?
wenn du's weißt wieso schreibst du's dann?
weil es mich nicht kümmert wie ich im internet schreibe
I agree with you , he did have a good run in the past , but you should "fucking grow up" yourself...
How on earth that is your business, go away, thanks.
I seriously doubt you're the right person to tell them what they should do or not do. You got to much negative history, such as lan scam...
I need the "Like"- button for this journal. Best one ever :)

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first of all, you are the wrong person to judge and second point: what do you care? It aint your business!
noone has the right to jugde about other people you fuckin' scum!
you don't even know him a little bit so why do you think you know him so good to write something like this? seems like you are in rage and you want to whine about him because he is happy.
look on that from the other side. hummel was whining on cf so much, spreading polish hate. I am really disapointed in him since I first talked to him through cf. before I thought he is good player etc and I respected him. then he shown up himself as a flaming guy who isnt satisfied with anything.
bee really has no "right" to judge him, so well.. hummel doesnt have right to judge these polish clans and admins, right?
in some points I really agre with mr. bee cuz of this is just game and he is so complaining about it as if it was his real job or smth :|
...this is just game and he is so complaining about it as if it was his real job or smth :|

isn't adi doing the same right now? :)
adi = bee?
well, he is raging about hummel raging, not about game itself :D
but yeah, writing such long article about this shit is pretty pathetic too.
tho its not war adi vs hummel :]
bee = adi, yawohl ;)

gues there are some guys out there having too much time to write such profound journals.
pretty sad, on the other hand, if they feel that it fullfills their lives.. why not :D
I'm just trolling mate :P It's not like I want to rage or forfill something in my life just making fun :D
i didn't followed hummels rage against the polnish guys, so i can't say anything about that, but it doesn't seem that bee is involved in that so why did he write this? i mean internet is serious business and stuff so he should care less about things ppl talk, because normally more then 60% posted on crossfire is bullshit :D
just 60%? :D
well, bee wasnt involved, idd, tho hummel wasnt involved in EC quali teams choice either, and still he complains :P

how poetic and mature was that
kort maar krachtig zo ken ik je :p
you certainly dont want him to grow up any more
"hell of a polish hooker girlfriend" xD
haha adi vs failbot this will be epic. epic i tell ya....
LoL.. the only thing wrong with HIGHBOT is that every season they say they are really motivated and they are going to work really hard to achieve a top spot. Then before a LAN or big competition comes around they say they have lost motivation and are going to play for "fun". When the entire time they have pracced really hard but the team just did not work out.
so fucking true :D
serious business...
I'm fuchS and i accept this journal.
Maybe it's time to organise another lan?
"You may have been on all LANs"
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