Chuck Nerds?

Who watches chuck? Great show I think. Season 4 is very good so far.

Also watching TBBT, and Dexter. SGU starts again soon! :)

Plus it has a fantastic soundtrack, such as the track above. Party hard.
ye chuck owning hard, SGU<34
Dexter ;)
Chuck and a lot of others aswell
Need to watch it, but now I'm focused on Smallville again, season 10 (and last) woot

Chuck must be epic especially for Mass Effect fans (such as me :D)
Hi Scar, I dont watch it :(
chuck >

the nerds are back finally!(epi2) ;D
first episode was disappointing tbh, gonna watch ep2 later

I was excited the BuyMore was burned down because it was adventurous - where will he go next? but noo, they stuck to the formula.
scarzy, i am amused of ur nerdism <3
chuck bartowski > chuck norris
LOOOL jajajaj 1 segundo antes xdddddddddd
ya te digo LOL
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