ruoskanator is back!

[15:02] * ruoska`off is now known as ruoska`

discuss, where has this tramp been for 4 weeks!?
trying to rape and kill innocent girls and boys
ruoska > *
totally agree, he is a living legend
oh, I thought he was dead
He is dead only in Sunday mornings.
<madness`ruoska> sry was cutting my hair
<madness`ruoska> yes, i can do it myself, and im not bad
<madness`ruoska> i never was satisfied with the barbers work so since a bit over a year i decided to cut hair myself
<xed0s> you guys need to talk more ingame!
<ruoska> I let my gun talk.

(20:00:38) (iNm-ruoska) we dont have positions.. proper ones i mean, we like to improvise this is why we get steamrolled sometimes when the situation is so wierd that we cant assemble proeprly
(20:01:18) (iNm-ruoska) could be also cuz we have changed tax so much
(20:01:26) (iNm-ruoska) supply is like only map where every1 knows where to be
(20:01:32) (iNm-ruoska) well mostly on grush too
(20:01:36) (iNm-ruoska) and delivery
(20:01:39) (iNm-ruoska) and bremen
(20:01:46) (iNm-ruoska) radar sometimes too
(20:02:02) (iNm-ruoska) actually we have tax... sometimes ppl just dont remember it
(20:02:17) (iNm-ruoska) actually im rly confused
(20:02:19) (iNm-ruoska) do we have tax?

Finland Ruoska: inFi_ let's play 3on3
Estonia inFi_: can't, I am baking a cake.
<ruoska> I am single now, gonna fuck every girl I meet from now on.

one week later

<ruoska> I met a girl and fell in love, probably gonna marry.
FinlandRuoska: believe it or not i also have some kinda thing that is called life

i used to have a pic of his microwave when he blew some food up in it
oh, this one?

image: mikroror
hell yea !
long time mate , how are you?
im good. :) just a bit bored at school right now...

how are you m8?
im fine : D
so still playing these days?
yeah man, sometimes...
I would play more if I had time :(

you still playing?
who cares, hukk is back
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