Vivaldi ist krieg

He wipes the floor with other classical homos

Post your favourite violin-led songs

Any genre will do

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Posting kittens is fine too
azeïkal madksaop gâmäla
I'm a violin player myself x)
I prefer Vivaldi - Four Seasons: Winter by the way : - )
Agree, I've listened to it on repeat all week

It's heavier than most metal music

Dunno if you're into piano, but you should check out some of Rachmaninovs stuff (3rd piano concerto especially). A W E S O M E
classical beef

She got some mad skillz. The end is simply mind blowing. - this is a nice one too

but the master of classical music is the one and only F. Chopin

not violin but feelings
Haven't heard that piece for some time :x)

oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
vivaldi is one of the greatest. really nice piece of art!!!
still my favourite classic song is "die moldau" form Bedrich Smetana. guess its one of the most know classic songs, but thats just because its so great :)
This one is fatty awesome (Boccherini)

Like vivaldi though :) 4 seasons awesomeness
image: 2441459665_c1f0bc9fc3_o

yep its pure awesomeness
cba to listen :|

superb eventho I prefer the organ version, but it's only available in spotify. masterpieces.
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