ET / RTCW on ipod touch

since they could get quake 3 run on the ipod touch / iphone, wouldn't it be possible to get ET or RTCW on it too with some work, since both games are also made with the quake3 engine? would be cool do watch demos of matches or so :)

just a thought
thats so nerd.....
who owns a iphonepod anyway
true, watching ETTV would be funny :) everything else is useless on the little screen
true dat, especially since you would need a keyboard + mouse and the stupid thing can only tilt like 20 degrees from the table
The new excuse for sucking: "BUT IM PLAYING ON MY IPHONE"
Would seem to be the best excuse for sucking then :D
There is allready a wolfenstien app for JB iphones.
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