Faith, god, existence

Do you believe in God? If yes, do you follow a religion or simply believe in some supernatural life form responsible for the creation of the universe?

If you do believe in God, religion or not, why do you believe in Him? When did you start believing?

I don't believe in God in religious way, but I believe there has to be something behind the mathematical exactness of natural laws. I've felt this way as long as I remember.
you just want the journal with most comments, dont you
Amount of answers isn't the goal here :) I'm interested in this community, and what they believe in and what they don't.
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Journals get most attention.
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No, I do not believe in God, a supernatural being or a higher force.

Nor do I follow any religion. I don't need it. I imagine some do, some are brainwashed ofc, but naturally they don't like hearing that, they like to feel they made the choice themselves...

It's difficult for a lot of people to embrace the fact that there isn't a higher purpose/reason why we are here. That's why I think religion has survived this long. :)
not religious but i believe that there is something that set everything in motion
which is just one of many theories.
Care to mention the others?

None of the other theories has the amount of evidence the BB has though :)
yea? you think its the most belieable thing, that there was nothing, and out of nothing there was a BAM something!?
Got something better?
That, is a wrong statement all together.

And it's still the best we got :)
i dont think we have anything good so far for that
I'd rather follow a theory that has been around for nearly a century and of which a lot of evidence has been gathered than anything else.

but hey, if they can come up with something better, why not? It's possible, though unlikely in this case.
actually it wasnt out of nowhere:d
That's not an inch more logical than the existence of a God.
How isn't it?
*Bang* Something explodes and the universe appears out of nowhere.


*Bang* And God said...
It's not nothing.

Read up on the theory, the simplified version is terribly inaccurate.
Mate, that's what it's all about. Of course I expressed it horribly simple but that's the core point about that theory.
I realize it's difficult for most people to accept that such things are possible, but hey, :)
Mate, possible or not, it is as illogical as thinking God made the world out of nowhere...That's all I was trying to say. I haven't got an opinion about the big bang theory apart from that.

And now you can take your overbearing comment and stick it up your arse.
Only thing i cant believe is there is "nothing" after death :P:P time will tell
i do believe in god..
here comes another 300 comment journal with atheists flaming religious people

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Wow igloo is retarded :X

And has a very wrong view about atheists... Then again it is to be expected with the pope comparing atheism to nazism :D
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Is he comparing Atheists to Deatheaters in the last part though?

"Atheists will grab their black robes and hats and chase the christian"

Also one of my favorite lines : "Monkeys don't live for several million years"

Or: "If we evolved from monkeys, then how come we aren't born as monkeys?"

Or: "If we had all that acid in our body we'd all disolve"

im still not sure if its a giant troll. but it felt so real
I was thinking troll too.

But they're creationists, so yeah... They don't 'believe' in science.

I once saw a vid from them, they're the biggest hypocrits to walk the planet.

They say all science and technology is evil but then make propaganda videos and DVDs :DDD
First word I came up with. :P
"Brainwashed" is such a harsh word :x. I bet believers laugh at us and our ignorance when we try to prove them God doesn't exist, and believe we are brainwashed by the society and false theories.
Well I don't describe all religious people as brainwashed but certainly that Igloo guy.
QuoteMost of here are atheists because of lazy & drunk players with no future perspective

On this case I can agree with you, lol.
Actually, lately I've found it to be the other way around.
thats why religious people dont try to post in such journals :)
Old topic. Kthxbb
mAus,i believe in mAus!
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To an extent I do, a sort of a spiritual feeling does feel nice and safe at times, however I wont class myself as really religious, just because I dont find justification, even when I ask people behind why I should believe certain things in my religion. Some things do make sense and therefore I believe in them, although if I find something hard to believe I wont, Unlike some other people, they hear things about their religion and follow it like slaves without questions or understanding.
hhmmm, i like your comment...from a not-really-believer POV
there are going to be 150 comments, and every bit of stupidity will be squizzed to the very maximum in this journal. a few unbelieveably imbeciles will start arguements. i know a few imbeciles that if they were on, this journal will kick some asses.
i don't believe in god, i do believe in reincarnation though
something like "god" is the most ridiculous and pathetic creation which humans ever made. its just seconded by involving it into religion.

NO to god, just fuck it
theres no proof he exists, theres no proof hes made up either, so calm down with ure tone. let everyone do what he feels comfortable with
How come God is the most pathetic and ridiculous creation? I mean, it's just the same as any scifi-book or a movie, these retards just tend to believe in em.

So I'd say that religion is the most fucked up creation ever made.
I do believe but I dont feel like fighting the anonymousity of the internet, ask me face to face while both are sober n I think I might actually bother answering you
if someone actually does ask you face to face while beeing sober if you believe in god there's something wrong with him and i suggest you make your way out of there quickly
depends tho WHO is asking. If it's a random then ye, a friend no. ;P
if its a friend you might consider losing one :p
nah ;D a friend has the right to ask personal stuff like that.
yes yes

atheists only ignore either thinking or the facts, and refuse thinking and being logical. atheism is a religion :) and so is believing in evolution.

QuoteThe basal/root body of a flagella was actually found to be reasonably similar to a type 3 secretion system so long ago as 1996... didn't exactly take very long for Behe's examples to be refuted but creationists still seem to use this as evidence.

And? Similarities between different organisms are most of the times because there aren't optional forms that would work as well as required. E.g. how the skeletons of different animals are so like each other, all basic structures differ only a little and so on.. because there aren't no other way them to function properly and to last tens of years of non-stop use. How to explain that the instructions for the motor were already there in the DNA. All the instructions were there before the motor could be built. And you need all the components of the motor to be ready before it will help the bacteria. Also, bacteriamotor is a system of 30 components. In TTS there is only 10. Where to get the missing 20, meaning the most of it? Even if flagellum came from T3SS, where did T3SS come from? There would need to be a huge amount of mutations within the same specific cell and the protein which would need to generate is approx 100 amino acids long. Won't go to the odds, you probably know it's practically more impossible than possible. Also the mutations should be neutral nor harmful, multiple proteins should be mutated simultaneously, etcetc. The probability to it to happen is approximately 10*10^-500. That would match 70 lottery wins in a row. Won't happen in a lifetime, huh? Summa summarum, it's impossible.

Actually, this discussion should be started from the primeval soup, I could list quite an amount of impossible things evolutionists howerever claim to be happened. Actually I would recommend you a book, because someone has already done the list for me..

QuoteRemove one protein from the system and the system loses it's function, exactly the kind of irreducible complexity that Behe tried to argue disproved evolution.

Yes, true. System has to be complete to function and there couldn't have been a "building-phase", first there wasn't the system and puf, there was one. Natural selection and evolution itself keeps care that not-ready systems were cast out and therefore they were no more developed and new structures cannot be produced through mutations.

QuoteThere is no publication in the scientific literature – in prestigious journals, specialty journals, or books – that describes how molecular evolution of any real, complex, biochemical system either did occur or even might have occurred

You talked about some single small gap in here? The whole evolutionstory is a one big gap. From the very beginning the synthesis scientists claim to be happened, has later practically proven impossible. The microevolution itself invalidates macroevolution. In practice, no new organs/organisms could've been evolved, because the optimisation of the evolution would cast the mutants out. Behe sure made conclusions, but from the present facts. The universe cannot been formed by evolution and there isn't other theory that would even try to explain it. However, people tend to want answers. You could only ask some of these unbiased scientists about how hopeless it seems to find a working theory to explain it. It seems so imcomprehendible and amazes everyone who gets into it. If you're logical in its real meaning, you might just realise that there isn't other logic option than intelligent design. ID (intelligent design) explains everything, but not in the terms of science.

Searching the answer is pretty much like pirates were searching for treasures. The pirates (scientists) had an island where they knew the treasure (answer) would be. However, there was a district where the pirates weren't allowed to go and search. No diggin there! So, the pirates dug the whole island thoroughly, except for the area they weren't allowed to go to. No treasure (answer) found :( Pirates started to think that the treasure could be on the district where there was no permission to go and search. Still they forced themselves to keep searching the same holes they've been over and over again. Now, scientists (pirates) are on a phase where they don't seem to find the answer (treasure), but won't give up the principles (won't go to the forbidden zone), won't give up the basic principle science has, empirical examination. I personally don't know how long they will keep digging, but one day they'll move to forbidden zone and accept the answer. It won't be scientifically valid in science terms of today. Science is not searching the truth However, science has almost a monopoly as a righteous truth definer.

And one thing, which is considerable as proof for ID, is e.g. peacock butterfly and the overwhelming beautiful and purposeful nature. Why would there be such a beautiful butterflies if evolution made them? The color and appearance would be strictly plain colored and the best disguise wouldn't be beautiful at all. There are many organisms whose appearance you can't explain by saying it's useful or vitally important surviving mechanism. Adolf Portman, anatomist and animal scientist said in 1976 that the greatest problem in biology is to find out purpose for the beautiful appearance. One other example of this is the singing of the birds, it's way more beautiful when the birds are not mating, when there's absolute no use for the bird to sing.

It's pretty much about how much you're interested in it. If you want an answer, intelligent design is for you. If you're not interested, you won't give damn nor you will accept facts, you'll reflect all the information. Or if you're a believer, evolution is made for you.

QuoteLeading anti-creationist philosopher admits that
evolution is a religion

‘Evolution is promoted by its practitioners as more than mere science. Evolution is promulgated as an ideology, a secular religion—a full-fledged alternative to Christianity, with meaning and morality. I am an ardent evolutionist and an ex-Christian, but I must admit that in this one complaint—and Mr [sic] Gish is but one of many to make it—the literalists are absolutely right. Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today.

‘… Evolution therefore came into being as a kind of secular ideology, an explicit substitute for Christianity.’
said Michael Ruse.

He was the leading anti-creationist philosopher whose (flawed) arguments seemed to convince the biased judge to rule against the Arkansas ‘balanced treatment’ (of creation and evolution in schools) bill in 1981/2. At the trial, he and the other the anti-creationists loftily dismissed the claim that evolution was an anti-god religion.

Some other proofs about ID:

Water. It's vital and its features are just made for life. The molecyle structure itself is just the right one, the components of water can move but also touch each other frequently enough. It's universal solvent, not too reactive, perfect viscosity for bloodstream and on the other hand to the capillar-effect, which enables large plants. The structure is simple: there is enough of it. It's crucial for the water to stay as liquid. It's own features help in that, unlike if there was no humans. All the physical features are just perfect (cba to list them here now) for life. Water is just right to adjust animal temperature and the temperature of the earth. Water makes efficient temperature regulation possible. It's also able to recycle all the nutrients. Water also absorbs harmful radiation and passes useful radiation through.

Light. Light is wave motion of fotons and sun happens to send just such energic light as molecyles can use. Still the atmosphere lets just the specific light wavelength through that the molecyles can use. Atmosphere prevents gamma-, x-ray and uv- radiation. The eyes of the organisms are just able to see to specific light the atmosphere lets through and the sun happens to produce. If the wavelenght of the foton motion was a bit smaller it would be difficult to focus, energy levels would be too high and cell size would be too large. On the other hand, too big wavelenght wouldnt be seen by us because the lens is too large, energylevels too low and cell size too small. What a coincidence!

There hasn't been much of evolution in the largest populations. E.g. malaria parasitizes. What evolution has occured is: some of them are Chloroquine-resistant. It needs two mutations to happen and the likelihood is 10*10^-20. Practically, no evolution occured within the largest population and long time.

About the universe. Electromagnetical force ratio to gravity is 10*10^36.
If gravity was 3000x stronger, stars wouldn't last long. If stronger, there would be short-aged stars, miniuniversums and planets width of a meter. Only a few organisms could handle the gravity. If gravity was weaker, there wouldnt be enough heat in stars to create fusion. Cosmological constant is very small, luckily only 1/10*10^120 of what it is expected to be. Otherwise, there wouldn't be galaxies nor stars. Mass has divided perfectly in universum: 1/100000 diffs. If it was too constantly divided, there wouldn't be no stars. Vica versa and there would be only black holes.

The ratio between electromagnetic force and strong interaction is approx. 1/137. If the ratio would be 1/60, the vital elements wouldn't be stable. Just a bit smaller change in the ratio would eliminate every element except for hydrogen. 0,5% change in the ratio would eliminate carbon and oxygen in the stars.

God/religion is only for the weak-minded.

I do believe in karma though, mostly when I'm doing something considered as bad action towards another creature. (I mean it just pops into my mind: "man Im gonna pay for this sooner or later")
karma is a nice idea, sadly its luck that decides on everything ;/
I sometimes hope Karma would really exist :(
Meh, I know guys that are complete dicks and that still get everything, so karma doesn't really work in my world D:
Thanks for the info but I'm pretty sure everyone knows that kind of guys and we come to a conclusion we are all dicks
im not a dick! i have one though, does it count?
Would you care to elaborate on that?

I find it hard to believe everyone is a dick. I mean, we might all do something we regret later, but does that make us all a dick?
Well it was kind of a "half-joke". Not everyone is a dick but I believe everyone in his/her life is hated in some point by someone.
Well sure, but I don't hate those guys, they're just complete dicks to everyone even their girlfriends (yeah they have gfs, apparently they like dicks ;DDD)
Yeah it's best just to ignore dickheads, no point to waste energy in hatin''' Some girls like dickheads.
obviously dude, dicks always get the chicks!
so ure saying believing in a god is for weak minded, so a 2rd of the world is weak minded, but that believing u could return as a rat is not? :D
what dont u get
x] can i has a typo please
karma does not have to be linked to/with reincarnation m8...
i have my own set of ethics and moral values.
Have my own beliefs, and none of these are religious.
If it's pink and invisible it's almighty.
being somewhat of a rationalist, I wouldn't believe in any rumour, myth, fairytale or fictional story until proven to be otherwise.

I'll just post this here

but I won't expect anyone on crossfire to read this. because, after all, this is crossfire.
is it only the main text that is interesting or the discussion after it?
i usually fastread the article and read the discussion itself.
this one not being the best on rationalism and religion though.

Couldn't find the one that i really found interesting. Which was an article about all the bad things religion has caused throughout the history and all the good things religion can make people do. and also way's that do the same positivity to people without the downsides of religion. Philosophies such as stoicism are what popped into my mind.
Yes i believe
world is full of choices and everything else is random
world is full of randoms and everything else is choices
i dont go to church, but i believe in some form of god
although this new quantum theory by hawkings is (one of) the first scientific researches, which more or less definitely exclude god, it cant rly convince me..
i thought a lot about this whole topic in the recent 2-3 yrs and to me the signs overweigh that its pure sciene & natural coincidences, however my gut instinct just tells me different..
+ i dont belief in a certain religion, all of them have good & possible aspects and anyways, the question of the existence of god is imo only a minor thing in the teachings of religion
Actually it doesn't exclude God. It only explains laws of nature and creation. But not why laws of nature are like this.
it somehow does imo (i didnt read the book, just an article about it, of which i didnt understand that much after some sentences (confusing theory : D)) doesnt it say that there was no time and space, just quantum leaps and eventually one was big enough to cause the expansion of space and there time began? before it was like god could have been the impulse for expansion, but hawkings says these were just random in size and strength?
or was this already in a theory before? i might just have read the wrong things out of the article, dno
Of course they can make theories about how the universe began, but I don't believe anyone can actually prove it happened that way.
probably not..i cant fully understand his theory, its just too hard for me to follow all those ideas/assumptions/calculations
Theorys pretty much can't be proven.

It's easier to disprove it, if it goes for a certain amount of time without anyone disproving it, then it's usually accepted as truth. (usually evidence is gathered that supports the theory or explains some other stuff we don't know)

We have a shit load of theories (some are ancient) that we still can't really prove in the real world, though mathematically and theoretically they are correct. That's usually enough to make them stick around, because why would they be wrong? If you can't prove they are wrong then they are almost certainly right right? And don't bring up lame examples of when it isn't because I'm aware of those.
That's a lot of big words, but I didn't really see your point here. You're agreeing with me or what? :D Because your points were valid to me.
I was simply explaining how a theory doesn't have to be proven to be true.
ever watched the movie"PI"?
wurd mir glaub mal empfohlen, aber nein

oh, vertan sprach der hahn und stieg von der ente
Nope, any good?
yup, definitely :)
ok this is a "little" late, but I watched it. It was nice :) thx for the tip
Quantum theory? What does it say?
was a german article, just google for a summaration of his latest book or so
not even sure, if it was a book
he only made it up, becasue he is mad. ugly and sitting in a wheelchair...please. nah, really just kidding :D
I did when I was at the age every "wnb-cool-n-tough-guy" wanted to tell everybody that they don't and that makes them tough. Just could not agree them and belong in same group.

But now I dont. Asked friends who belong to this "I dont believe in Christian God but there must be something unnatural up there-cathegory" if they basically just say it because they are scared. You know, scared if God really was and they said "I dont really believe". And when they answered "yes" and they were shocked I figured it out I understood I basically had the same thing and dont have to keep going on like that anymore.
there is no god sungi mate...
"God" in the way most people see it, I don't think so. But I don't believe that the universe would be as mathematic, exact, or even to say it "makes sense" so much, if there wasn't something putting it to start.
image: faith1

God didn't create any morons, morons created god.
They weren't morons. The people who told the others in the village about God or even telling them about God's intentions and rules etc. didn't have to work. Some "prophet" can just tell people stuff and make them give him gifts etc. :)
Or threaten with the hammer of Thor (later dubbed banhammer)
I don't believe in god. Everyday I start to hate people that believe in god more and more. I don't want to do this but they are just so retarded just look at the pope what a fucking mongol
pope =/= believing in god
had to laugh out loud when reading the last 9 words
why you hate them?
GOODNESS :D made my day
To be really honest:

I envy people that can have such strong convictions about something even tho there is really no proof of god's existence as far a s real hard evidence. It's all in their brain, that's my personal opinion and the reason I envy them sometimes because it just seems like some people just aren't "wired" to have that experience or relationship to god or other beliefs. But then I think about all the crimes against humanity that have been comitted in the name of religion and am quite relieved that I turned out like I did :)

I myself consider religion as a set of moral values or rituals every person eventually develops and either conciously or unconciously lives by.
At least that's how I explain the diversity in religions to myself.
But it's really too bad that some people seem to live by the word of their god so literally that it creates so much suffering in the world. For me that's just ignorance but who knows what's going on in some peoples minds, every human brain is unique, every person is influenced by their enviremount and the different experiences they have in life.

I think mainstream religion is a great idea that's gone horribly wrong due to the vast ammounts of selfish ego drivin morons..

But who really gives a shit? See? human nature and it's diversities :p
I've spent some time overcoming my own biases, becoming more rational etcetera etcetera. I would never envy a happy religious person as I would, in my own beliefs then envy a person with a lower level of consciousness. (and no I'm not trying to generalize religious people)

When John Stuart Mill, writer of Utilitarianism gave us the thought experiment that “It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig being satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied,” Mill wanted us to think that this is reason to believe that intellectual pleasures are better than bodily pleasures, but it could also be used as an argument that higher levels of consciousness have more intrinsic value than lower levels of consciousness. Even if human beings attain little to no intellectual pleasures, we might still have reason to prefer being a human than a pig. The same could be said about why we would have reason to prefer being someone like Socrates (who has higher levels of consciousness), even if Socrates attains little to no intellectual pleasure.
I just envy their ability to believe, that's all.

tl;dr :D
I already thought this was too much for crossfire.
That's a nice persepektive but in the end it's just people reading that and adding their own interpretation based on their intellectual ability. You'd be better off thinking of something on your own. It's really the only way to truely understand things anyways cuz if you thought of it instead of just quoting it you'd have a much deeper connection to it and therefor know the true meaning. I'm not saying you don't understand what he said it's just that in my own personal opinion poeple should really think for themselves. I know they get influenced by a ot of shit and noone is really a free thinker because of it but it's still better then agreeing to something that sounds smart. Because afterall you're stuck with your own brain so you might aswell use it. But then if that's the way you prefer to do it then so be it.

That's also really what bothers me about todays society, there's so much influence from the media that people have gotten to lazy to think for themselves, all they do is basically repeat and believe what's been said. That's also why there are so many morons with high degree's, they're just the best at repeating things but when it comes to a certain subject they rely on what they've heard or read somewhere that resonates with them and say it instead of really going, wait a minute, lemme think about this... and that's where the real intuitive geniuses have shined, I mean Einstein would have never thought of the relativity theory if he would have stuck with the physical models of the time...

I feel stupid talking like this tbh, prefer this:

I believe that thinking in myself what the most rational option would be, and overcoming my own biases differs me. I have my own intrinsic values and ethics, and even if it is based on some that i have read, it is mine and not someone else's.
Well technically no thought is really your own unless your born in total isolation. In a way they're all influenced by your enviremount/impules/etcetctec. That also automatically creates bias. So all that's left of what you're saying is that you actually do prefer the lazy way of thinking by taking someone elses thought and making it your own. Well I guess that's inevitible but what I'm trying to say is that it's possible to think for yourself even using givin information...

... Just have to think about it ":D"
this is getting out of hand.

Here, let me fix this
image: huge-juggs-29
me is spiritualist.
i believe in the oppinions that man was plant here on earth by an alien species and we have been studied ever the bible carefoully and u will find many scientific aspects pointing to ships,interdimensional travels,protection suits for traveling into air,outa space phenomenons etc.also that explains many of the unsolved mystery of the world like how the pyramids,sphinx the statues from easter island was made etc etc etc.there are evidences in ancient writing before the bible and old testament was written also pointing on aliens species teaching the ancients all kind of disciplines of science.perhaps Him exists but not as the church wants us to believe.
stupidity :D
I think the thought of a God and a heaven is comforting at least. The idea that life just ends is a weird one for most human beings so placing a second life after dieing is obviously very appealing. Rationally speaking, I cannot find any good reasons to 'believe' in such a place however nice the thought of seeing all your lost friends and relatives is.

No one knows how the universe came about and exactly how life started I suppose and people are often wondering about the why-question. I think it's something human to want to know the reason behind everything and it is hard for us to grasp the idea of something as huge (for us at least) as life on Earth just came about for no apparent reason at all. Filling in gaps of knowledge by attributing things we don't understand to a power far greater than ours is an perhaps an understandable act however implausible it is when given more thought.

Giving in to not having the slightest clue 'what life is all about' is maybe the most sane thing to do and is consequently a stance I would take normally. I can't deny that the idea of a God or a world beyond Earth, way more beautiful and pleasant than ours, is simply awesome, nor do I discourage others to believe such a thing. But in all honesty, keeping in mind the sheer endless variations of religion and belief humankind has known since its existence, it is simply bizarre to think of your own belief (which is probably yours because of your parents, surroundings, culture, something your randomly encountered, etc.) as the one thing that is actually correct in contrast to those crazy Hindu's with their crazy gods for example.

So no, I am not a believer, although I do play with the thought of heaven, reincarnation and a loving godlike creature chilling on a cloud somewhere now and then, just for the hell of it: we don't know what on earth we are doing on earth anyway.

tl;dr, I felt like writing something incoherent, long and boring.
"however implausible it is when given more thought. "

and why?
I do not explicitly believe in a God/Allah/Gods or things like that, but I do believe that there are more things then we know or then we can proof. If someone would be able to proof that a God or something else does exist, I wouldn't be surprised, but on the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised when it is proven there is no God.
I just see myself as an agnostic. I wish I could draw hope and support out of a religion, but it just doesn't feel right for me. I don't know how life started and why we do live, but I leave that in the middle until it can be proven by either side. Until that I just believe that there is more in those world then we can prove.

But it wouldn't be surprised me if daif was all behind this.
"but I do believe that there are more things then we know or then we can proof."

What does it have to do with believing? Everyone knows we know very little about for example our brain, the universe or the ocean. How some people can use that to justify their beliefs is beyond me.
I think he means beyond the physical world we experience. Of course you can't know every living thing that dwells the deep oceans, but you can try to understand the idea of existence and life. Try.
not this shit again
I believe in Jesus Christ, that he was predicted in the Old Testament and fullfilled the prophecy of the awaited Messiah, and gonna return to the earth at 2nd time.

Rage ON
The conclave entered into the room.
Inside of it they sat, these cardinals of doom.
Their votes was unanimous.
The horror instantaneous.
Observe! Smoke from chimney - not white but red!
They say it was the day that God bled.
Nuns weeped, holy men cursed
As they looked up onto the balcony and saw…
Beelzebub the First!

I am the Anti-Pope.
I am the Anti-Pope.
Like a lion kills an antelope.
Like a hammer hits a cantaloupe.
I am the Anti-Pope.

Two thousand years ago
Jesus said to his travelling show,
"No need for push. Do need for jostle.
Peter, you is my number one apostle.
Your name is mean rock - on you I build church.
No longer for successor I have need for to search."
But by Judas this words was overheard
And with mighty Satan he soon conferred,
"Oh Prince of darkness, be not in hesitation.
The head of God’s Church needs decapitation!"

I am the Anti-Pope.
I am the Anti-Pope.
Like a lion kills an antelope.
Like a hammer hits a cantaloupe.
I am the Anti-Pope.

"Hey, Grim Reaper, lend me your sickle.
This world needs some culling, blood needs to trickle!"
Prepare for the end - the Apocalypse approaches.
It’s feast time for maggots, worms and cockroaches.
But here comes White Horseman - Defender of God,
Exposing to everyone his powerful rod!
"I alone will fight for Jesus Christ
With sword so sharp I can make cheeses sliced."
He laughs to the Devil, he takes aim at Death
And he strikes down the enemy who takes one last breath.
But too early the victor makes his victory roar.
He may win this battle, but he not win the war.
For, yes, Beelzebub the First is set fire to then crucifixxed.
But next Anti-Pope is Zladko the 666th .

Yes, I am the Anti-Pope.
Like a lion kills an antelope.
Like a hammer hits a cantaloupe.
Like a neck in a hanging rope.
Like a germ in a microscope.
Like a witch reads a horoscope.
Like a cutter stabs an envelope.
I am the Anti-Pope.
There is no longer hope.
Long live Molvania!
I believe in black metal.
Listening to Marduk - Christraping Black Metal while reading religious CF journals
I agree with the first comment
just keepin it easy, ey?
this journal is full of shit
i think people that believe that jesus had magic powers are stjuupid
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