SLAC mad. 2

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still looking to have this mysterious riddle solved =( Where is Killerholmesboy if you need him.

Quoteimage: 2u5gw40


Edit: After being asked on IRC by 15 different people what the fuck this picture is supposed to be about; Compare amount and names of players from sl_players to players.

Edit2: Server in question was , in case it is of any relevance - though doubtful.
ask shakipla
why u want to solve that?
various reasons, to become rich and famous I suppose.. or ultimatively because I'm bored and have nothing to do other than launch some conspiracy theories on crossfire.
I guess sl list wasn't updated yet, but the player had already left. Just a wild guess.
it seems you're always mad :'<.
nice paint-edit facefuck
well, was zmk actually on the server? if he was, i can't see why slac would be failing, slac shows him, etpro doesn't show him, maybe etpro /players is bugged? furthermore, why do ppl talk about slac being bypassed due to this pic, as you can see zmk didn't use slac there.
He wasn't on the server.
was he on the server earlier? then its prolly just some minor bug that slac still shows him but still nothing i would actually be worried about.
i would rather ask chaplja than kb though.
Since when is /players an etpro command?
dunno, thought so.
SLAC + boNg + nAbio = madness
you playing with polak/s .. never trust em1!
i dno, maybe cause he needs to connect via slac 1st before the server, so slac recognised he was connecting to that server, but as it was processing it, the server hadnt 'accepted' him yet.
my 2c
most probably what toxic stated, you can always /q khaplja though.
Solve ?? So you want a buggy piece of code to be solved by some answers on cf? :P
Better just pm chaplja insta and tell him, he's the only one who can 'solve' that..
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