SLAC mad. 3

While SLAC mad. and SLAC mad. 2 still haven't been resolved or shed any light on, I present you:

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As for the previous two parts of our exciting adventure, contact was established with the almighty and glorious chaplja - though he himself does not appear to have any idea as to what it could have been caused himself and had promised to keep me up to date. But hey, people, we all know that's not going to happen. So in the meanwhile, if you like to join our little slacpuzzlesolvingsquad feel free to hit me up on irc! /q Oxysaurus

SLAC mad

SLAC mad. 2
Your back.
play with punkbuster if you hate slac so much *rolls eyes*
Where and when exactly did I declare any hatred whatsoever towards SLAC or anything related to it?
just give it up.
nobody will answer you. get over it
when chapljia doesnt know, who else should?
seen that also, dunno where, probably not slac-related.
So far every server I tried that had use the "slac server side add-on" displayed above message in return for /guids and /cheaters. Denying us access to the etpro guids is quite a bold move and if he plans on sticking to that i'll definitely be boycotting SLAC.
whats ur point with etproguids? u cant even use them... they are unreliable
The creater of the etpro guid (bani and co) stated that sentence, "ETPro GUIDs are unreliable and should not be used" go search it on his forum, you'll find it :)
Right and destroying other peoples work by denying access to said guids and possibly implementing his own feature into his own program to ensure everyone making use of his and his only while entirely eliminating the competition is... absolutely not relevant to any of this.
you can still check ETPro guids if you are the server admin
and how exactly is that any consolation?
people like you who still think etpro guids are reliable (eventhough the developer of etpro told everyone not to use them as a reliable guid system) you can still see etpro guids with a cvar/server log if you're the server admin, or you can use if you somehow care so much about a guid system which nobody uses for 3 years, what exactly is the reason you want to see etpro guids again?
when did I ever claim etpro guids to be reliable? All I've been saying and complaining about is that you can not simply turn a switch and tell the hard working admins of sites such as to fuck off by entirely destroying all the work they've done without at least giving them access to a service that'll work the same way for SLAC IDs as did for etpro guids. And that's my point exactly, it simply won't happen, SLAC is going to keep that feature all to itself and yet again, fuck up the competition by simply denying access to features that have been made use of for the last 5 years and just because some random decides to switch the flip everyone follows?

if you use yae you can see slac guids, and just so you know, admins are the only admins i know which give close to zero support and haven't updated since 2007

and its funny that you actually think yawn give a shit about etpro guids, didn't hear anyone from whine when we removed pb and its pbguids

so you can still log slac guids and the nick used, just like YAE is doing, i don't see any closed doors here
Right, and it still makes the entire database of all the etpro guids obtained through out the last years obsolete because someone with half a brain decides to just remove the command, forcing people to create and gather new databases based upon SLAC ids. See the funnies yet?

Also removing a year old feature just because, well... you suddenly felt like it, how's that any justified? Sure it may not be reliable, but it's still there and still used for a reason you can't just go deciding to turn it off just because... clanbase might not be making any use of it anymore.
definitely mad
Oxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D
both are spoofable nerd, first get all the info before making all these retarded topics -.-
omg ask pale omg
slac loal pls, I don't have slac :(
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