SLAC mad. 4

After SLAC mad., SLAC mad. 2 and SLAC mad. 3, I present you:

image: 8z0gab

While there's still an ongoing discussion on SLAC mad 3. As well as SLAC mad and SLAC mad 2 are yet to be solved, I figured I'd give the all of you an early christmas present by already publishing SLAC mad 4 early.
keylogged :XD
trying to be funny but failing?
I'm sorry, I fail to see the connection between trying to be funny and just simply sharing valuable information, about the anti-cheat everyone uses, with the community, but I'm sure you'll be able to elaborate.
thats my oxy ! crush those nolifes
Sharing valuable information? Nothing you posted is valuable, if you really wanted to do be helpful in posting your shit you'd give it to kaplja but no you post 4 journals about the same thing, obviously no one cares what you have to say here.. now I hope I elaborated enough for you.
Right, because out of 4 topics.. there's 3 entirely different subjects though all related to SLAC being mad. Judging based on your reading comprehension of a simple text, I'll gladly say that your opinion matters nothing to me as you're an idiot. Anyhow, I appreciate you taking an effort of, well.. trying to make a point.
haha you're the fuckin idiot look at the replies in all of your journals all worthless, bit like you, you german cunt, and please do stop trying to sound educated because really your spellcheck and thesaurus are doin overtime. now gl u fool.

Edit: lovin how you edit nearly all of posts too, fixing your spelling mistakes im guessing lol, do expect a nice random pic in reply also.
Wow, way to become all defensive. Someone doesn't like being told he's an idiot.
Yeah, I'm sorry I make you feel that way, I suppose you've never actually met a person before that knows the proper spelling of words. :'( As for the edits, may come to your surprise.. but no; I've actually edited the lines out calling you an idiot for not having elaborated the "me trying to be funny part" but rather trying to change the subject and trying to avoid the question at hand. As well as pointing out the fact that if you've had actually read the previous topics you'd KNOW that I contacted chaplja about it. But hey kiddo, whatever floats your boat.

Edit: For your satisfaction an "edited post" symbol as well as the requested picture.

image: u-mad1
Aye, no need to be offensive! I, as a German, feel offended!
your a nazi anyway!
I'm actually planning to get a T-shirt with that printed on it!
It's just a timeout, I don't see the problem.
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat>SLAC
Don't know you like this Oxymatey! You're a very mad person, I hope you don't cut your wrists. Don't make me sad. ;'<<<<
A mad person does not cut! I appreciate that you look out for me though rezhnimatey, thanks for caring but I assure you I will not cut.
slac is so angry right now
slac is so angry right now
 | someone ban this kid!
i think u is mad coz slac is stylin on u :D
stop posting pls..
Attention whore, just go to #speedlink-anticheat channel..
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