omg nononon omg

A Simple Jump 2

looks decent second song killed it tho

why the fuck the map end is always so fucked up??
Mulqeero Gamma

but its difficult for choose song with movie gamma !

soe for english
but why did you choose two different types of music?

first one is quiet and hypnotic and then i got pwned by some loud bitch screaming something i cant understand.

anyway, nice jumps, looks decent :) cheers!
Coz i liked the 2nd song but next time, the same types of song for you but i need fragger or Original Trickjumper not gamma :D
keep up the good work maan! :)
and? can do them all without touching mouse
gay gun position, really insane jumps, decent quality, but colors were a bit boring
Thx for ur opinion ! i dont know how fix the colors
cool! whats the name of the first song?
nice movie, good music also :)
Always hated gamma jumps, must be because I can't do shit I guess.
But nice jumps. You should add this in Movie section if you don't want to get your journal lost after 1 day max.
did you play with gravity? Or is it just normal settings?

If normal settings are used, you need to teach me how to tj :P
Only Pmove_fixed 1
map at 4:34 is nice!

never did like trickjump though :)
The z_far effect made it look really weird
nice movie!!
saw some impressive jumps
nice vid!!
when is the next comein out?. ^^
nice vid mister ;D
sup junky
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