MoH :<

First impression after finishing:
3 hours of game play - I mean WTF is this shiet!?!?!? And that was @ hard...

Other impressions:
- Started @ normal to go easy on myself, but after knifing 2/3 of the enemies I went for hard :< (Sucky AI)
- Kinda a mix of MW/MW2 and BC2.
- Too bad, some of the nicer ideas are cut scened (some sliding down, climbing, some shooting, etc)
- Rabbit dies :/
- Closed spaces, no room to manoeuvre
- unjumpable spots
- bugged paths
- small weapon choice
- after MW2, I get the feeling there was not enough of the cool (new) stuff (slow motion, climbing, snowmobiles/quads)
- length
- length
- length

+/- quads (in a way, lots of places you should be able to ride over but you can't).
[nothing beats the snowmobile in MW2]
+ chopper action
+ sliding downhill or for cover
+ some(!) nice weapons
+ nice story, keeping you (somewhat) excited
+ cool looking SEAL's and other main characters :D
+ nice quali of the cut scenes

Story: 7 (would be 8, but Rabbit dies)
Gfx: 7
Sound: 9
Action: 6 (action is good, too much scripts and AI sucks thou)
Originality: 4
Overall: 6.5

A short thrill ride for one evening, too noob-directed, not worth buying just for the mp as it gets boring after a few days...
I totally agree with you on every point in your journal
total piece of shit imo
You can't really compare CoD with MoH imo. I know they're both about war (Modern Wars) and both shooters, but that's all what the 2 are alike.
CoD is more like a big Hollywood produced movie with special effects, senseless heroism, atom boms exploding and full of adrenaline, while MoH is more a real documentary on DIscovery Channel of the warfare currently fought and deployed in Afghanistan. It does not try to show enemies attacking you with atom boms, tanks or w/e but just what the Taliban just have irl, AK-47's and some RPGs.
I wouldn't say it's like a documentary... I can agree and I think that's what you have in mind, is that the story is MUCH more realistic than CoD's story, thou you still get 2-4 man squads, wiping out 100s of Talibans...

And what I was aiming at in my 'journal-review' is that (which in the end wasn't said) I expected a bit more, especially in length(!) after playing MW and especially after playing MW2, maybe not storywise, but 'cool stuff'-wise. I know that MW2, set the barrier high - for the other games, but I think, that with a month more, they could've tweaked the game a bit more :)
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