awesome flights :XDDd

so in my autumn-holidays i went to turkey for 10 days, everything was fine but the flights were fucking awesome :). So ,the flight to turkey was sooooooo fucked up scary at first both turbines stopped working as we were 10.000m high :S . After some time both worked well again, lucky me ;). But then we flew through a fucking heavy storm the whole plane was bouncing up and down for 20 minutes ... even the stewardess were white as snow in there faces. And at the flight back to germany there was only rain and snow (??????) :DDDD.

But holidays still were great ,Peace:)
too bad they started working again, otherwise there'd be one less cheater on cf
personally, i dont believe the word of a cheater. he's not to be trusted and obviously made this entire story up.
not sure if serious or not
too bad u didnt crash
bad omen from bad karma from bad cheating
The plane would have done a decent job for letting cheaters crash! ;x
retard cheater, ur plane should have crashed
10.000 km high

never ever flew with a passenger plane ?
they fly about 10.000m or 10km high, which is like 33.000 feet or what it was they measure in!

and not 10.000km xD
ja soz, war zu lang in türkenland :P
yeye blame the turkeys
lukt altijd voor mij!
QuoteThe service ceiling of the Boeing 777 is 43,100 feet. That's as high as it is certified to go. The normal cruising altitude, however, is usually around 35,000-39,000 feet.
lold :) imagine you fall all the way down :DDDD takes five minutes :DDD
nice mm u can drink last cafe in that time and hot cafe getting cooler so its more drinkable be cause tempature and wind oh nice perfect cafe place :) :D
you mad cuz the plane was image: cheatering on u?
dude, dutch people are soooooo annoying :)
you dont remember the good times with me?
you are awesome, but i mean the tourists ,they are everywhere and not only 1 family if there are dutchies its a group of 20 persons :DDDDDD.

but yeah german people are dickheads aswell ,we always need to whine how bad the holidays are :)))))))))))))
then you came back and hard a triangle
wat airline
flight to turkey: Pegasus (Some turkish shit :p)
flight to germany: Thomas Cook
thomas cook is just a tourest agency..
cool story :o
I don't believe you cuz if both engines stopped you would have emergency landed, doesn't matter if they started again, also it would have showed up in the news.
well its on crossfire^^
tell me how can i trust to image: cheater_error ????????
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