Rap us

Yop CF :)

If you don't like 'americain rap', just close this window =)

If you like it, great => do you have any ohter song like this :

thanks :)

(e: i know all the songs are not only from usa :p)
mc rito ft fumble
closed, but not before I said closed.
Hi !

Do you remember me ? I played with Evilynn and you once.

Nice song, thanks :)
not sure :/

but ye.. its best :)
just closed this window
roy jones <3
i see you like heavy bass, nais.

not sure how you can listen to dem franchise boyz though..
lil wayne !

drake !

bon ok c'est pas vraiment du rap pour drake mais c pas mal :d
lil wayne drake fuckin faggots.play some real rap some oldschool gtfo with this fuckin faggots auto tune wanna be rapers



if u want more pm me i will show u real rap real hip hop not this bullshit comercial crap pussy faggots that some of u lost kids listen to
dum fuck first of all is u mad not umad second of all u fuckin faggot do u know to write a smart reply or just happy to copy other fuckers with same expired replies?
lol you're beyond mad
seriously crossfire should put rule +18 at least.not fuckin 14 year old kids who dont know to spell from 1 to 10 to write here.this is one of the reasons this comunity going down...dum kids
I think you are the one who has got problems with proper spelling sir.
Damn you mad on zeh internet and you say someone is a faggot. Internet serious : bussiness :D

Sentences Start with capital letters btw, end with a full stop.
i wasnt talking to u funny person.i was talking to the faggot which consider lil wayne or drake icons in rap industry.u wanted trash rap ?than u can take him for granted.u want quality rap?than dont play fuckin smart ass and learn from the olders.and if u dont like my reply fuck u
Ok fuck meh :D
lil wayne drake fuckin faggots.play some real rap
what do u expect from stupid kids dude.lil wayne is multimilionaire cause dum teenagers is buying his cd s and watch his every show.so good luck being a retard...
Xcept for his stupid background uhhyeah in no love, his rap isnt too bad in that song tho
like any good thing in this world u wanna understand it u gotta start with the begining.africa bambata and shit this is how hip hop /rapping started.today:many internet gangsters many rent boys who sign shit contracts with labels hoping to get rich over night but do u see any feeling in their lyrics?take 1000 songs of year 2010 and name me 5 which makes u tremble.
ermh, like each song of distant relatives
plus fucking 1, nas and damian really made a good album
yep, recovery also has some great songs (this could be from 2009 tho?)
take eminem 90 s albums and compare with eminem last 2 albums.u wanna tell me that is same quality?nas and damian yes ok is an exception.and if we talking about underground rap than yes there is still hope.but i was talking with the faggot that posted lil wayne and drake and kinda all faggots from cash money.so?
all i say there is no fuckin way the 2000 years hip hop better than the 80 s or the 90 s.period.
relapse and the one before was far from being good idd, but recovery is imo one of the best rap-albums of the last years
jedi mind tricks
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