People Are Awesome


I didn't enjoyed, so now what? ;{

E: only one fake here, try to find it :)
Tell me, tell me
i dont know which you meant but the long basketball shots by lebron james is gatorade commercial which is faked too
yup certainly too, then there is 2 fake, don't think there are more tho
the basket ball shot is not fake, it's an etablished record (non official)
Oh i was not talking about this one but the other one :)
ok, can't resist, SwitzerlandFederer shooting the Coca which is on the head of the guy! ( engrish)
Cheerleader though basket looks dodgy, too.
the only fake is lebron james' longshots
It's not a fake "abruti', do your own search. It's a real sport, they use waterproof shoes, and slap the water very fast.
Don't tell me you never noticed that at your swiming pool, sometimes, even it's only on 1 meter max, you feel like you can walk on the water ;)
pk tu reply a moi? :x
car c'est toi qui a lancer les débats.
pk tu dis, c'est pas un fake? alors k'y en a c'est 100% sur que ca l'ai :x

et je parlais pas du mec qui marche sur leau
Toutes façons Rihanna c'est un gros RETARd eheheheheheh
Ok I bought my bike. I'll shit on your face!
tg jsuis chez KRP
omg :d tu fais la buvette XD ?
C'est lui qui apporte le café :{P
The only good Hadouken song i've heard so far. Wicked video
Im awesome
thats was entertaining, thx
awesome video
cool yes
merci pour cette vidéo magnifique kartez :~)
Misses the whole point of why humans are "awesome". We are so because we can write, calculate, trade, build and so forth. The video demonstrates coordination, strength, precision, etcetera; all of which we lack compared to other animals. Yet we surpass them by tools that we build (which goes back to the former sentence).

Any way, the bastard just downloaded some popular videos and combined them.
nice vid
what is the command to see the next spawning class in your fireteam ? :P
i saw this yesterday or earlier in the morning on :D
There was a clip that was stop motion in there (asian kid going down the stairs) don't think that really counts for what most of this video is of >_>
that isnt stopmotion btw that is a laggy camera but hes moving for real
3:16 to 3:30 looks so fucking awesome
18 seconds. Ive genuinly done that loads of times.
ive kicked a football into a bin from a further distance aswell (luck ofc)
Ive seen a m8 do a 360 bike jump down stairs that big.
Ive seen a diver do the same thing at thorpe park.
Ive seen a m8 do the behind the leg kick and hit a can from a further distance.
but dam some of the stuff in this was insane. epic watch and epic song. and i think everyone knows Lebron James jump shots are fake.
ur life is awesome :D
ha idd. But the most awesome thing ive seen is when we were playing football on a massive tennis court area at school where all the nets were taken down so it was just 1 big football pitch for about 100 people at lunch.

My m8 in goal smacked the ball as high as he could and the ball swung way to the right, everyone was abusing him like WTF kick was that your shit, then everyone saw it was going near the basketball net like 40 metres away, like 100 people all go quiet and just watch the ball and it goes straight in the net, the entire school just erupted like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and just run over and jump on the guy.

Best moment of school in 5 years.A moment of epic proportion that i will probably never see anything like that again.
seeying my mate hit a seagull with an aple and watching the seagull going down like a plane on fire was rather brilliant
hahahahahahahahahah. The image of that happening is epic.
4:08 is win.
this are not people.this are gods!
Je me préparais à voir des fans de barney stinson...
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