New headset to buy

My micro is broken, so i'm about to buy a new headset.

Here's my question, is Creative Headset HS-800 Fatal1ty Gaming any good, worth to buy?
Or maybe you have other ideas what to buy.
Just to stay with similar price.

I have Creative Headset HS-800 Fatal1ty Gaming and theyre perfect. Only 1 bad is slim cable.. :/ Otherwise theyre good.
siberia v2 :<
Gaming headsets are gay
I use one of those and love it, read the reveiws -
just buy a normal headset that does not cost that much
Never settle for second best.

Ah wait, you're a Celtic fan, you're used to it :D:D:D:D:D:D
buy sennheiser headset ...
nothing to add here
the 1 is missing :D
i know - too lazy^^
yeah it's realy hard to push the "1" key :D
just get a proper headphone + a cheap ass mic
sennheiser cx-300 II earpieces :)
i heard creative does a great job with surround arena ( 100euro) there is also an usb card in it which perform well ;)
I bought a Razer Megaladon or h/e you spell it.

So okish..... my sennheiser one was better imo
Turtle Beach.
image: 4048837139_3eb7ea0558
+ quality headphones
Dont Buy Fatality Headset imo, U can use it barerly 1-2 months then it all falls apart.
if your lucky
superlux hd668b (38€) + zalman zm mic 1 (5€?). Best you can get for less than 50€

And when I say best, they fucking pwn my hd555 that i fucking paid 90€ (which was already a decent price, was difficult to get it below 110€ when i got it).
get sennheisers then any old ebay mic

but my creative fatalitys are good too, so whatever
get the steelseries h5 v2!!

dude just awesome!!!
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