Medal of Honour 2010

Any one else got it?

Downloaded it last night from steam and been playing it with United KingdomMort and its not bad actually, better than I expected.

Some of the maps are totally shit, there's one set inside a base and its just wall camping. But other's are really nice.

There's a couple of nice game modes, Combat Mission and Sector Control but avoid Team Assault at all costs as its extremely gay. The amount of times I've spawned in someone's line of fire is just stupid.

Indeed that is one problem with the game, its quite easy to camp and spawn kill.

But combat mission is good, there's objectives to focus on muhahaa

The classes are somewhat lacking, they're basically COD without the shotguns. But I like the reduced weapon choice and the various upgrades seem more balanced. Spread isn't bad either, less than COD. The only issue I have is that sometimes it feels like it takes far too many bullets to down an enemy. Sniper's are under powered compared to COD aswell as it takes an absolute age to shoot the bolt action ones whilst the autosnipers are too weak.

Competition wise I think combat mission would be the way to go though some maps are too campy and the objectives are a bit narrow. If they introduced different types of objective and some kind of medic class that would be great.

I'm surprised that there's no search and destroy type mode but there again this is basically battlefield.

Graphically the game is well polished but since i'm colour blind and would rather have a high frame rate, i'm turning all the graphics off tomorrow (yes there is a little bit of customization).

Lag doesn't seem to be that much of an issue, hit box's seem a little odd at times but I haven't had an real lag isssues so far which is nice.

In my opinion this game isn't a cod killer, its not pub-nub enough to entertain the care-package-loving-mw2-crowd and not complex enough to rival it in competitions. If the developers introduce a good patch adding 2 maps, adding S&D and improving Combat Mission's then this game could turn out really nice as its pretty well balanced.
Mediocore at best, nothing interesting and or original in the sp, and the mp is as usual, awful
i have to agree about the lack of originality though i didnt think the MP was awful it just needed a kick up the ass in one direction so it stood out

sp isn't a priority for me, i want something to entertain me when i can't play et :p and im not good enough at quakeworld yet :(
MOH Airborne SP was awesome
MOH 2010 was just awful.
Looks exactly like BFBC2
Quote by ethrI especially like the bows and arrows, the chain mail is pretty neat too.
yes ethr i got it :)
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