fps for a noob

i use 125, its fluently and good, but why is it jerking a lot with 76? 43 fps are not even possible to play with.
i use 800 * 600.
still i have the problem that i can track enemies, i aim on them pretty good but cannot hit em. tried shooting only bodies and no heads, no chance, totally lagging. the problem is not my aim... :( some graphic card issue (radeon x1600 or 1650)? and dont tell me its wlan....! cant be...? :|
i dont get that problem so much when using 76 fps, but hell, its bucking. :(
you are playing with wlan? -.-
yeah.. what problems should occur except that its not super reliable? :O
use the same amount as your monitor's hz = insta win
60hz :DDD

it makes sens for every fps game probably, but not for a quake engine based shooter afaik.
It does make sense for Quake engine... just not when you have LCD.
i use LCD monitor^^
can you run it with your native tft resolution?
60 srsly :DD
i have 85 with this monitor, and had 140 with other, but my bro stole that monitor :(
whats wrong with 60 hz?
using 135 in ET and 160 in quake, problem?
never said its wrong or so, was just trolling, and it seems, i'm a successful troll!!
if your screen does 60 hz 125 fps will be smoother.
if your screen does 75hz 76fps will be smoother, 125fps will be faster.

are you sure you monitor doesnt do 75hz? My monitor doesnt do 60hz in native resolution (r_mode -1 1650x1080) but it does do 75hz when i use r_mode 4 6 8 etc

and I also bought some ATI card and my fps never made it back to 125fps. I never should have changed from nvidia => ati. My old gt8600 ran 125fps perfectly. Now with this HD5750 i had to change it to 76fps to keep it stable ...
56 ~ 76 Hz it says haha i thought its 60 because a friend told me its always running on 60 Hz here. its a really crap LCD (Benq T906) though and i never thought i need something better actually.... for ET it should be enough i thought haha
anyways, pretty confusing now with all these different information ppl giving here.... ^^
Lack of experience :'PPPPPPP
concerning knowledge about tweaking cfg or aiming? because i think aiming is not the big problem? i am no super aimer on very high level of course.. but still! dunno what the problem is.... :|
because if you play a lot with 125 fps your eyes get trained and you will notice lower fps-amounts.
btw use Hz>FPS
played 76 a lot 3 years ago, was no problem. couldnt even reach 125 back then... even 43 worked although it had some cracky moments.
same here ;9
first time i played et competitive in like 2004/2005
i played with a Duron @900 MHz + Mx440 + 256 SD-RAM
didnt even know about FPS back then i guess it would be something like 30-40
jerking with 76? not at all,lol
pretty much everthing you say doesnt make sense.
76fps is not jerky.
wlan does suck.
all this fps-stuff does not rly do that much, its important that it runs smoothly.
i think ur either using a crap cfg or its simply imagination.
then explain why 76 fps is jerky as shit? its not imagination :DD
i dont really know too much about all that stuff to say why it is jerky, i just see and know it IS. any reason it could be?
everything >24fp/sec is seen as a motionpicture/film/... to the human eye.
so if 76fps run smoothly there is no physical way it can be jerky.
if however your PC struggels to run 76fps smoothly while 125 are stable thats a problem of your hard- or software setup that i can not explain cause thats unique for your system.
ah yes ofc man, but i am not talking about human eye / fps. thats right what you say, but then you misunderstood my question. ofc its my system that has some bug somewhere, but tried to get a hint to solve that.
a friend of mine increased his FPS by increasing his resolutin. sounds weird i know but afterall ET wasnt made for the power our PCs have nowadays. try that
ahhh holy crap i didnt think about using other resolution. thought 800 * 600 is so standard it should cover all stuff in pretty decent average quality. :D
btw, since i use a quadcore i noticed that all these problems got worse......
so maybe i must stop gaming: i dont play anything else than ET :DDDDD (:((()
try to assign the process to a single core.

e: if you use a nvidia card setup a profile for ET in the control centre and force mutlithreading OFF.
k thanks for the tips man!
trying out :)
Quotestill i have the problem that i can track enemies

implying anyone would post the truth about a dead mother on crossfire.
the day she dies you will think about me :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD and get mad :DDDDDDDDD
had the radeon x1650 2 years ago cudnt even get 40fps stable, time to upgrade for you i thik
getting 125 fps stable with it.
maybe coz i had it with intel pentium 4 :P (old pc )
Gnna sell it i think :)
Got a sapphire radeon hd5570 now so :P
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