How can i kick other Device

How can i kick/ban other Device from my wifi network?

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In English she can't connect to the wifi THQ all!
Change key & reboot.
Already did 2 times today
IP Address MAC Address
1 00:1A:73:40:FB:0A

He/She's still on it.
Usually takes a while to update. I assume your seeing this on DHCP clients?
No router shit "" then "Attached Devices"
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Use encryption (WPA/WPA2 depending on your device compatibility) and a strong password. Furthermore you can use the MAC address filter to only permit your own wireless devices to the network.
Key of WPA.
Change key and delete him out of the network
oh thx m8, it was a little typo :P
Dont make it happen again.
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Check router options. For example I can allow/deny MAC adresses from connecting.
Already did Wireless Card Access List on MAC adres.
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If she has WEP, make her use WPA2... there are progs that can crack WEP easily with a few packets only. Also make sure she isn't as retarded to mistake her own IP as an intruder.
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