if you had ...

...£1200 to build the best gaming computer, what specs and case would you purchase?

so far garin suggested this:
6GB Corsair XMS3
Intel i7 950
750W Corsair Modular PSU
nVidia GTX 570
Antec 1200 Case
Gigabyte UD3R Extreme


we shall see ;]
i would definitely not waste it on computers LOL
its free money ;]

How u doin? Getting back to gaming again mate? : D
BTW, garin is a rent boy
no ironicfromSaiko anymore ? :(
take 2 nvidia gtx 460 in SLI instead of one 570
Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced instead of antec 1200 case
1 TB HDD samsung spinpoint F3(more terabytes if you think you use them)
OCZ Vertex 2 Extended 60GB(30 more gb is a waste imo, because you only use this for your programma's not for storage)

Other stuff seems fine.

The cooler master CM 690 Advanced is just a better case in my opinion
SLI is cool, and its more bang/bucks.
sounds decent, guess that's up to miXer to decide what gfx he prefers ~ £25
case looks nice, antec 1200 has 3 more fans but that's nothing worth worrying about ~ £55
i've heard that the samsung harddrives aren't very reliable, hence which i picked seagate or as another option 'western digital' ~£10
i guess ur right about the SSD, 60gb is the minimum ssd worth paying for tbh ~35

EDIT: for miXer's benfit - Added savings
Samsung spinpoint F3 won this year and last year the price for the best HDD on a dutch
hardware site(hardware.info)

That would be somewhat the system I would take but ofcourse this depens on what you want from your pc. And what you are doing beside gaming. But It's a good system. Didn't check the price TBH but should be fine.
Yeah, couldn't agree more. I guess if he used my savings thing as a guide - he would save roughly £125. Therefore, he could upgrade the RAM, PSU and/or CPU.
Buy a Radeon AMD= Quality better then nVidia in a long shot (Radeon ATI 1950x Secondary can play 2010 games still :D and that shit is oooooooooooold)
tbh, the new gtx 5xx series >> the new radeon 69xx series
tbh hell no look at it in a long shot how long do you expect your GTX 5xx to go with Updates and then look at Radeon's. With a nVidia you have to update your Vid card more often. Ok maybe quality wise they get the upper hand but i would rather 1200 every 4-5 years then 300-400 every 2
I wouldn't your invest ment can fail. with the 300/400 every 2 year you don't have an risk as big as the 1200 every 4/5 year.

When I talk about a risk I mean a new technology that simply beats everything for a much lower cost.
nVidia is the single high end card king but I have to say if you don't spend that much on your computer AMD is quite intressting seeing there midrange class prices(still the gtx460 is a really nice card)

And you can't say something like:'he! nvidia is the single card king so nvidia is better in graphic cards than AMD', It depens alot on what you want from your pc and in what price range you are looking
High Endurance? Heck no more Vid card Updates in a 4 year space
amd is generaly more bang for bucks but nVidia is better at games
I've had both and I prefer nvidea, their cards seem to be more powerful in general.
have to agree there, had a combined amd/ati system before, now intel/nvidia.

and it rocks...never have been so satisfied with a pc.
I ment a whole PC for 1200 (getting one for Xmas for 5xx euro's)
whats the specs on the pc ur getting mate?

im getting one too, for around ~£400
swap the motherboard for - Asus Rampage II Extreme Intel X58 (Socket 1366) DDR3 Motherboard - £180 (£30 more expensive , but well worth it, and youre saving money on the PSU and SSD) (although the rampage III is out, its a £100 more expensive)

power supply - Antec High Current Gamer 750W Quad Rail Power Supply £100 (20 quid cheaper too)

SSD - OCZ Vertex 2E 60GB 2.5" SATA-II Solid State Hard Drive (OCZSSD2-2VTXE60G) (vertex series is faster than the other SSD there, and you only really need 60 gig) £90

and youre golden!
A bit case is nice, also put some more ventilator to overclock :P

i would use €
youre kind of cash cow eh ?
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