Headset for christmas

Yo crossfire, sup ?

So, I would get a new headset for xmas, and I'm wondering wich one.
I actually got a Creative HQ1400, wich is pretty good but not exceptionnal.

I seen some ones and the Sennheiser HD 555 seems really huge for music and gaming, do you know it ?

image: LD0000400965_2

Others (misfits) said me to try Creative Fatality but it looks too cheap, what do you think ?

I don't want something with shit equalize and mega-basses, I would prefere something more neutral with really clear sound and good spatialisation.

Thanks !

[hide="Or maybe this one ?" 8-D]image: uber-babe-headphones[/hide]
Moi aussi je t'aime <3
pic name maed me lol ;D
Do you like it ?
its cool, covers ur ears nice, still can hear if ur talking to someone and have them on, good quali, only the mic seems to be a bit quiet.
Comfortable and covers ear nicely, and sound is really good
prends pas ce casque, il fait mal de tête au bout d'un moment.

la qualité du son est correct avec la carte son usb mais pas autant qu'un bon casque + vrai carte son
tu connais le hd 555 ? (celui que j'ai mis au début ?)
non mais je connais le pc350 et je peux te dire que dans ce prix là (pour sennheiser) ce sont de très bon casque mais bon je pense qu'il y a mieux quand même.
sinon je pense aussi que tu peux aller pour l'autre sennheiser du même type (moins chère je pense) tu sais celui où il y a une version gaming (qui ne change rien a la qualitée du son par rapport a la version normale) je pense que c'est le 515
in my experience planatronics products are usually broken before the end of one year anyway, can't recommend them
The last one is delivered with the girl, so...
I got Creative Fatal1ty and its good enough for me :)
speedlink medusa 5.1
Go with sennheiser or try steelseries syberia v2
definitely 2nd with owner
Sennheiser 555's will give RIDICULOUSLY better sound than Creative, Fatal1ty, Speedlink, Steelseries etc...

Other headphones I would consider if you want to go open:

audio-technica ad700 (probably the best soundstage (read: "good spatialisation", better than sennheisers anyway) i've heard from headphones in this pricerange and my current can of choice )
akg k240
grado sr60

Obviously cans like this (and the HD555s) are not going to be overly great at LAN or in high noise environments, if you want headphones to use a lot in high noise environments then you'd be better off looking at closed eg:

sennheiser hd280
audio technica a700
beyerdynamic 770 pro
akg k271


just don't buy anything thats by a "gaming" company and dont even think about buying 5.1/7.1 headphones unless you are spending >€400 (and even then i think it would be useless)

a good place to research/get reviews/check comparisons is head-fi, probably the best website on the internet dedicated to professional headphones


a good quality pair of headphones will no doubt last you many years if you take reasonable care of them so it is definitely a worthwhile investment. you want something with a sound that you'll enjoy, that are comfy and that are durable and you won't get that any of that with half of the shitty headphones people have recommended in this thread

good luck!

e: i really think i should column/tutorial this in more depth some time since i need to repeat it so often. anyway, any questions just ask
atm, I'm reading the whole comment, thanks :D
Really enjoyable post, thanks again.

Could you post some more closed headset you would advice me ?

My perfect headset would be a really simple one (look like HD 555), really large for my ears, and with some really good sound and spatialisation (but I don't care about big basses and gaming useless things), do you got one ?

Got the Sennheiser HD215, they are awesome and not that expensive.
Logitech G35 feels nice,

image: surround-sound-headset-logitech-g35-7-1
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