Webshop feedback

One of my colleagues is setting up a gaming webshop and he would appreciate getting some feedback on the site.


He's trying to keep it as simple as possible as a lot of other sites are ridiculously cluttered and hard to navigate. Any suggestions on how to improve the presentation, the user interface and any other stuff would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

image: HbFCBHsezqgk05jgV99G51tmo1_500
What a ugly site.
I'd have the 'gaming4life' as a banner or something rather than a logo on the left.
Only the name is just not cool. Gaming 4 life haha
terrible white box imo
make the white shit light grey or smth

logo -> from top left to the middle, or just some navigation panel in the middle idk
you should be admin there
for comments 'n stuff
Your journal is gonna get Fropped.
mate, just frop his site
ass is good
looks like the menu is changing position when you mouseover them.
This is constructive feedback, nothing personal to your friend, the creator of this website.

I personally think the webshop lacks a certain view of professionality.
On the other side, the actually code is well written and works perfectly as it should.

Get rid of the "Powered by Moneybookers" and the iDeal logo on the right bar.

Flash is well used and not overhyped. Results in a good search engine optimalisation.

Black backgrounds with a white contentbar just won't do it. Judged on previous replies I saw I'm not the only one with that note.

Gaming4Life? Doesn't sound like a webshop. You'd better pick a name where people could directly hear what kind of website you're hosting.

I'm out, peace.
I don't like that the links turn bold when you click them or go over it. Because you can notice in the top menu, it will also shift the whole menu.

And personally it''s too much black. It needs to be fresh and simple.
Ugly webshop is ugly.
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