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2010 is over, it's a bank holiday weekend and i'm currently waiting to be able to move back home (although visiting the parents isn't without advantages). so i figured i'd write a bit about music i've liked in the last year. and so in no particular order, here goes:

arcade fire - the suburbs (alt rock)
any year arcade fire release an album, it's going to show up in the end of year lists. some (very uninformed/tasteless) people claimed to me that these aren't a worthy festival headline act. bullshit. live, they know exactly what each one is doing and they pull it off to perfection. their chemistry only gets stronger with each new release, the suburbs then carries the same tension and mystery as their previous works, but with a new found accessibility. must have.
preview: the suburbs -

beach house - teen dream (dream pop)
i had the fortune of seeing these guys (with uk fashionstar United Kingdom Scarzy actually :D) quite early in the year. i had heard very little beforehand, only a couple of tracks from but i spent their entire set in a state of awe. infact amazing as teen dream is, i still believe it doesn't quite do their live act justice. if you have the opportunity to see these, do it. but yeah, it's catchy, it's lo-fi, it's ethereal, and it's very very pop.
preview: norway -

broken social scene - forgiveness rock record (indie rock)
it could be because they headlined the best gig i've ever been to, it could be because johnny marr joined them on stage, or it could just be that they can't stop putting out amazing indie-rock records. post-rock rivaling crescendos meet catchy pop hooks and as always, they make it work
preview: texico bitches -

four tet - there is love in you (idm)
yet another who i managed to see this year and oh boy was it worth it. hebden's music works in many situations, whether bumming about at the computer, doing some work, cooking, throwing a party. i think the only thing i couldn't do to this album is sleep, but only because it is far too interesting
preview: sing -

gorillaz - plastic beach (alt/hip-hop)
one time baggiez seemed convinced he was hearing "boekelo, boekelo coming up too the boekelo", the rest of us were convinced he was retarded. either way stylo threw plastic beach in to the public consciousness not in a way dissimilar to how clint eastwood brought the entire world to gorillaz back in 2001. i can't actually think of another group that i've managed to consistently love for 9 years, even if they are imaginary. anyway, i doubt this album really needs an introduction, you should already have it
preview: rhinestone eyes -

los campesinos! - romance is boring (indie pop)
i don't really expect my words on this band to remain here without being tampered with but i'll give it a go. i didn't like this album at first, which is weird because i've spent more money on following this band than i have on anything else in music. now though i realise it's just different. they still have their typical emotionally charged heartbreak riddled lyrics but all of a sudden it's far less chaotic. i'm sure everyone here will hate them so i'll leave it at that.
preview: the sea is a good place... -

major lazer & la roux - lazerproof (dancehall, dub)
the collaboration between switch and diplo that gave us the by now ridiculously overplayed (but still ridiculously catchy) club hit "Pon de Floor" came up with the idea of throwing synth pop together with the reggae/dancehall formula they have going on. definitely not lacking in ambition then... replace heavy synth with haunting piano and strings and suddenly la roux doesn't sound as so self-assured. but it works.
preview: bulletproof -

pulled apart by horses - s/t ("post-hardcore"?)
this band (actually from my hometown) has been making waves in the uk with their loud and ridiculously energetic live performances. i wouldn't say this is my kind of music at all yet each time i see them i never leave disappointed. i'm not sure why i like it or why i feel so involved but for that it makes my 2010 list
preview: i punched a lion in the throat -

tame impala - innerspeaker (psychedelic rock)
a reasonably new aussie band but their latest record is garnering impressive acclaim. they're playing this year at a gig (which by the way i can't wait for) alongside foo fighters, biffy clyro and death cab for cutie so i can only assume it's going well for them. the album is pretty refreshing and i can't really think of anything to directly compare it to. poppy guitars run over the top of interesting grand electronic sounds with some surprisingly soothing vocals. it's very easy to lose yourself in this album and i can see these guys getting very big in 2011
preview: alter ego -

and there you have it, also worth mentioning

biggest disappointments of 2010:
crystal castles - crystal castles II... alice glass is a waster
deadmau5 - live at play vol 3... boring
most surprisingly good album of 2010:
swedish house mafia - until one... i didn't really wanna write about this because well... most club music needs to stay "in the club" so to speak. i definitely don't need to hear taio cruz or katy perry during breakfast. HOWEVER, as an album, this is actually great.

well it's far from comprehensive but it's a few i have really liked. i'd also like some recommendations/to hear what others have liked this last year. name an album, it's genre and if you want a line or so of description and i'll give it a try =o).

ps: (two exceptions, no metal or cheese)

stay classy, crossfire xx
that's some shit music you're listening too :x
I can accept that you might not like this music, however to lay down a blanket claim that it is all "shit" when I have, for example, Gorillaz in there does not lead me to believe you are very wise.

QuoteThe combined sales of Gorillaz and Demon Days had, by 2007, exceeded 20 million albums
tbh I have both Gorillaz and Demon Days on mah shelf ":D" am not so fond of Plastic Beach though
ffs, i bet you are one those retards spamming youtube "omg justin bieber fans gtfo lol". It doesn't mean that it's shit if you don't like it. And no, i have not listened any of those listed above, ever.
i leik1
Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony :
Avantasia - Angel of Babylon :

Metal Opera!
los campesinos & four tet <3

New album from cocorosie was awesome (in my opinion), but you really need to love that kind of music.
After listening to those songs I will have to conclude that I don't like any of those albums.
Swedish House Mafia album is the only one I like there.
Seen the documentary about them? If not you should really check it out! Amazing stuff!
I'm disappointed, there's actually a band in there I know.
no evol intent?
I do have the new Noisia album but it hasn't really grown on me yet :!
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As a gay man I enjoyed this. As a BSS fanatic I loved this. But it was really as a chocolate-sauce lover that this resonated with me. I fucking love chocolate&#65279; sauce.

Chocolate sauce.
Moareese 2 weken geleden 81
Moareese 2 weken geleden 81
The Black Keys' Brothers is amazing. I surprisingly liked Kanye West's new album as well. I'd also like to throw in American Slang by The Gaslight Anthem, The Wild Hunt by The Tallest Man On Earth and High Violet by The National.

As far as EPs go, Alexisonfire - Dog's Blood, Frank Turner - Rock & Roll and The Tallest Man On Earth - Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird.

That was my mainstream addition to the joy. Have fun.
I've heard a surprising amount of praise for Kanye's album (even a 10.0 from shitfork?). I'm holding out a little before I listen to this one. The Tallest Man on Earth sounds really great by the way, gonna be grabbing some of this! Cheers!
SHM was excellent.
When you back in Notts chief?
Moving back in on the 9th, really have missed it! Up for a drink or two in the ol' mooch with señor sock post-exam season perhaps?
Sounds like a plan amigo, just saw my timetable for next semester - regretting the decision to come back hah
aloe blacc, kanye west, and vinnie paz for me!
Fucking hipster
You really need to find something else to do with your time. :(
t-shirts i just purchased: animal collective, (a 3rd) los campesinos!, beastie boys, the decemberists, casiokids and pavement (almost got a place to bury strangers one too)

in b4 hipster cat
Dunno, dont really like the los camp t shirts. Also, give me your lighthouse family tee, i'm sure I could pull off a medium, being a big lad and all.
oh no way, thats one of my pjs. and believe me people DIG the lighthouse family pjs. i should know because i usually spend 80% of my days wearing pjs and/or joggers.
alright pansy

On average how much did you pay for a t-shirt? I still dig the AA tshirts and if i'm feeling adventurous, i'll even buy one from H&M.
tenner each for those i listed
tame impala is (Y)
eminem - recovery
slash - slash

nothing else matters.
i liked the new cat empire album (cinema), irie revoltes (mouvement mondial) and ofc le stromae (cheese) <3 (sorry for teh cheese :P)
Not bad - Gorrilaz at Glasto was strangely amazing, when those instrumentalists came on midway through for the solo I've not seen a crowd quite so confused, don't know if it was dumbstruck or awestuck - then all the pent up danciness kicking in for the hits towards the end. Still yet to give The Suburbs a listen to having loved Funerals, must_do.

Dirty Revolution - Before The Fire (ska / punk)

A real studio recording of songs I've loved on the live scene for years with some newer stuff. Punk, reggae and ska all thrown in it's The Clash Revolution Rock meets 2010. Punktastic agreed "In essence ‘Before the Fire’ sits upon a precipice, reggae ska to one side and punk rock to the other. The balance is certainly teetering towards the Jamaican flavour but there’s a definite accessibility here. Ultimately this is the sound of a young band with an impressive vision that, whilst being a little rough around the edges at times, is definitely vital. As far as debut records go, this is impressive stuff." This sound is more fitting on a stage with a few hundred people skanking away, but it makes great driving music.

Ghostly Rarities Volume 2

Can a compilation albumn ever really count? Ghostly Rarities was the soundtrack to my chillout time. A bottle of beer, a comfy sofa and a great book with Bodycode and Mathew Dear in the background. Best of all you can download the entire album for free!

El Guincho - Pop Negro

The breasts in the Bombay video draw you in, the catchy beats make you stay. The ultimate album to drag you out of bed and start a new day on a high!

Against Me! - White Crosses

I'll be honest I hadn't realised they'd released an album in 2010 until I read another list thread last week. Snatching the torrent from was the easy part - turning it off repeat proved more problematic. From the catchy, simple and soulful rendition of 'Ache With Me' to the self-effacing 'I Was A Teenage Anarchist' Against Me! continue to mature their sound. Easy sing along tracks giving the fans what they want.

Ultimately my music listening has been stuck in the past during 2010.

Edit: chelmianin got it, the fuck I forget the comeback of Eminem?!

Eminem - Recovery

Ultimately the soundtrack to my summer. from screaming along to 'Won't Back Down' driving home having been sacked to being sloshed belting out Love The Way You Lie on the way to Kos, on the plane, in the pool, in the club - anywhere we could. It's Eminem back to his best with samples noone else could pull off (Ozzy Osbourne for fucks sake!). Not a dud track on there it's the ultimate wigger album.
Remove Gorillaz and your list is just fine. They are too mainstream for you.
Los Campesinos! - The Sea Is A Good Place... is decent until the annoying whiney backing vocals kicks in :/
MGMT - Congratulations > all of those

I also liked Butterfly House by The Coral.
Haven't heard much stuff from last year, but I definitely enjoyed Caribou - Swim, some great tunes in there, song Odessa is probably most notable to check out.

Also I'll agree that Gorillas made quite good album (some songs are fantastic), and to my surprise new Kenya(?) West album is quite enjoyable, some good beats, rhythms and melodies combined with his weird singing style provide some interesting songs.
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