Does anyone actually like 5on5?

I'm curious as to who actually likes this format. I've been playing it extensively for a while now and I just don't see the appeal.

5on5 is essentially public except you self kill and return to your previous position before ramboing each spawn. On a public at least you have the excitement of staying pushed out and avoiding the long spawn.

In attack the secret to 5on5 is don't die. The whole team simply focuses on not getting a full spawn while somewhere on the map 5 1v1s are occurring, whereby a combination of favourable spawn times and small errors + individual talent decide who conquers the stage. Rinse and repeat.

It's mind boggling dull game play. In 6on6 there were far more co-ordinates pushes involving reviving whilst shooting back, timed in between spam and people would far more often stay out past their curfew known as a spawn time and attempt to disrupt defences from the inside.

People who are pro 5on5 give me a reason other than LANs.
I kinda like it
I don't, it actually made me enjoy 3on3 more and that's just plain silly.
off topic delete ur comment.
what, i can actually level with this comment :|
5on5 was horrible when it was tried like 3 years ago, I haven't tried it now but I guess it can't be any better
it's better than 3on3 at least
3on3 does play like highly co-ordinated 5on5 yes but at least people know what they're getting into when they get a 3on3 skilled.
Hate it
i like you.
kinda like it but still 6v6 is better
Well, you already know my opinion on it; personally as a non-LAN goer I literally don't see any advantage to me. And as discussed, 6on6 doesn't mean there are NO LANs (not that I particularly care if there are or not :X)
As a rifle, i feel like i have more responsabilities in 5v5 than i used to in 6v6. Plus the game looks quicker than before.
But tbh, i don't mind if it's 5v5 or 6v6 both are awesome
well ye its much more based on skill, aim etc..and not getting fulls or ramboing like a retard
u mean individual skill right ? Bcz 6v6 was obviously more tactical.
It's not MUCH MORE based on skill/aim. They're more important yes but 6on6 has other skills, which people who play 5on5 well lack. For instance people nowadays are SEVERELY deficient in basic strategies such as pushing all together through one choke point while chain reviving, which is a basic 6on6 strat.
you are so right about 5o5, since at 6o6 you need more tactical knowledge, and teamplay, while at 5o5 all you need is a position where to stay untill *something* happens. (truck got driven, tank past barrier, etc)
Tbh I never thought of it like that, I just seen it as 5o5 defines the skill boundaries more. It just seems that people who were breaking into the highskill barrier in 6o6, are now mostly med/+. But yea aim is much more important in 5o5 and is something that has to be considered by riflers, as im a rifler myself, Ii wasnt overly obsessive with my smg aim until the format change.
However I do agree with what your saying, change of the format leads to change of strategies etc. I do agree that 6o6 is more fun and enjoyable to watch, but this is just the turning that the game has taken.
I realise this comment was a long time ago, but if anything this makes me feel like the skill level has just dropped, as opposed to anything being more well defined.
Aim is a lot bigger in the numbers of essential factors to play well if you look at 5on5. However, while you say some basic 6on6 strats are gone, new strats opened up for 5on5. Take Goldrush as an example where the tank stage had two people for each entrance you came in. In 5on5, you are obviously going to lack one defender somewhere, which renders your defense more dynamic and you need to slide positions way more, which also puts more stress on early communications and cooperations. If they break through at one point, it gets a lot harder to hold, so instead, you call for backup before that happens.

What I hate about 5on5 is the fact that there is just one person missing. The instant you use a Panzerfaust or a Field Op which is a very fun and important factor in ET for all I care you gain a horrible lack of medics. Hence the game becomes more repetitive and static in terms of classes you use.
i love it
5on5 is awful and we shouldn't suffer it just because of CC7

maybe for one lan it makes sense to use 5on5, but that doesn't mean online competition and future lans should switch to 5on5. et lans can and should be 6on6.
I wouldn't say 5on5 was awful. I do prefer playing 6on6 because there is more to shoot at and it becomes less about the individual and more about the team, which is the thing that really captured peoples attention. But even if the format was to be changed back to 6on6 could you see players coming back who supposedly "quit ET" because they preferred 6on6?
Well are we really going to see the players youre talking about make the effort to go to LAN for 5on5? not really. 6on6 is the only way we can get back to pre-2k10 et

at cc6 there was arguably 6 teams in the running for the podium... cc7 and aef just weren't as fun, i don't think i even watched ANY games at those two lans infact
I totally agree with you. But if we can get at least 1 of the 3 "rumored" LANs to 6on6 would that help get people playing 6on6 a bit more? As a community we can help influence things and try to get things to change back to the old format. With no "confirmed" LANs yet surely we can at least all work towards something as a community. We have seen successful LANs with ET in both 6on6 and 5on5. It's been proven that either format can work and that 5on5 is slightly more efficient to run at LAN.
QuoteIt's been proven that either format can work and that 5on5 is slightly more efficient to run at LAN.

Not really, only "more efficient" when sharing computers with CoD or CS. For an ET lan/if computers do not need to be shared then 5on5 offers no benefits to 6on6 except maybe more space due to less specs. No ET lans so far have been held in lancenters so to speak so that argument is moot, it is most likely to be a warehouse of some kind or wzzrd where 6on6 runs just fine.
if that many people wouldn't be playing with a Logitech G15 while having a huge mousepad at the same time, than we wouldn't even need all that place ; )
6on6 is fair enough in terms of space for your equipment
5on5 > 6on6
In 6on6 I could play stupid and get away with it ]x
in 6on6 you could have fun and get away with it*
you're right!
6on6.. where one or two people playing "stupid" is not so stupid after all!
that sounds stupid
but it's true :D
5on5 6on6 5on5 6on6 derp a herp merp
6v6 all the way.
Don't really mind tbh, it's still ET.
no, 3on3 and 6on6 > 5on5
6on6 is better, more room for individual brilliance
who even decided the change? you are absolutely correct with your points. 5o5 made me dislike the best game there is for the first time. unfortunate that the game evolved better and better and then took big and crucial setback.
change was made & forced by handful of league admins without any public discussion
there was public discussion, but when it was against their opinion, they forced the change with the basis of "people are always resiliant towards change, so we'll just have to force it, they'll cope with it"
I like it that you need to aim harder.
6on6 is way better!
Because 6on6 will make the game probably dead. Would like to play it 6on6 again, but it's already hard enough to get 5 guys. Rather play active 5on5's than hoping on 6 players every 2 weeks.

Would like to know if it would turn back to 6on6 if the old players even bother to come back to it actively. I see alot of players talking about 5on5 is crap and they don't even play. But they probably also won't play when it's getting 6on6 again.
Can we change the question to:

How can we change things in the community to get 6on6 back?

Maybe a good way is to start a war between CB + ESL? Get one to support a 6on6 ladder and for teams actually fucking play the ladder rather than just IRC wars? Just saying "Lets go back to 6on6" isn't going to change shit. Get one of the ladders to swap over and lets prove that we are WILLING to keep 6on6 maybe?
btw I am not on either side. I like both 5on5 and 6on6 formats. I would just like everyone to find the format that is going to have the most amount of players playing!
Since Killerboy ''closed'' the 6on6 ladder I have been unable to find back any results. It seems like Clanbase just deleted history because there is no sign of being able to view 6on6 stopwatch results or whatever the name is under ''matches'' on any clan page I looked at.
name just changed? all the infoz are there - under 5on5 ladder
Changed history then.
I love it, it suits well for me. I was never any good at 6on6 and nothing special at 3on3 but 5on5 seems like a good thing for me. don't know why but it feels different and good
Same for me, its a lot easier to organise a team in 5on5 for sure

But 6on6 is definately a better format - team>player
I like both:P
5on5 ruined multikills! :((
5on5 fucking sucks

6on6 all the way
6o6> 5o5

vote poll and ask admins to change it bak to 6o6? :)
I like 5o5 better, but never havent playied 6o6
>get raped by aero
>make 6on6 journal

image: 2a9wocg
Your brilliant super sleuth mind happen to connect losing a prac and this journal? You deserve an Ig nobel prize.
Agreed, kinda stopped with ET due this. sad enough we got brainblocked people as admins nowadays that aint gonna change it back!
you keep trying dont u scarlett, i dont mind, i approve!
see ya at fd-nl, oh wait
to be honest, why change it to 5on5? for LANS? Apart from AEF, most other lans are entirely devoted to ET (like the crossfire challenges). If a lan is entirely devoted to ET anyway, and there is nothing else to take into account, then why would you play that lan 5on5? i mean... 5on5 would get ET more lans, so what has there been? AEF? yay thats 1. great.
Impossible to get 6on6 ET lan (c) krosan

Somehow u can get 5on5 tho :O, two extra pc's must be impossible to get :-(
especially on LANS where ET is the only game played! oh wait...
theres also CoD4 on CC lans : D
who plays COD4 anyway!
alot of people : D Thats one of the reasons they came up with skills above high I guess.
still shouldnt matter or influence the ET format.
Do not enjoy, its stupid. Want 6on6 also back asap

Only ppl so far i know that do want to play 5on5 are those who could never succes in 6on6 eg. ppl like ROSS
Didn't really bother me until I played a random 6on6 again (which you happened to join me for!). I remembered at that point just how much more immersive and engaging 6on6 was...

I don't really care enough to push for change though since I don't play very often
The main reason for a switch to 5o5 was indeed for LANS. At the time, there werent enough players to fill a 6o6 team for a LAN. I think it changed now, since there are alot of new players.

The thing that I always liked the most in ET was the teamplay, and 5o5 kinda changed it to a more aimgame. Alot of players who want to tryout ET will prolly get scared cuz of the difficulty to even win a 1v1.

But then again, only way we can change it back is by actually start playing 6o6 again instead of just talking about it ;)

Either way, Im still cless :<
At the time, there werent enough players to fill a 6o6 team for a LAN

thats just what ive been told. Could be wrong ofc!
new players ?!
winning 1on1s np for me :P
just cuz u lag! : D
Start filling up again!
Haven't played 5on5 much but for what I have, there surely is something missing. It's surprising that such a small thing can change that much. Well, I expected 5on5 to be more for my taste because I'm more of a 3on3 player but still 5on5 just doesn't have the same intensity. It's a lot more predictable than 6on6. To conclude, I can live with 5on5 but ffor me 6on6 would be better solution. Just I don't want the community to divide in 2, so whatever path the majority selects we should follow them.
it's fair point that it would be extremely stupid to divide, but what I've heard majority (as you can even see in this journal) would like 6o6 back now. big part of ppl who want to stick with 5o5 are those who haven't played 6o6 much or even at all.

day after day LANs aren't gonna sound more than as a ridiculous excuse to stick with 5o5.
for me personally 6on6 would sound like a good option, but I guess it's hard to make the LAN/CB/ESL ppl to understand and agree on it. Let's just say that it's very likely that eg. ESL would go 6on6, CB and LANs would still stay 5on5 and that would be the worst case scenario. It will be hard to reach a consensus where most of the ppl would be happy
yeah it'd need something "bigger" to get 6o6 back so it would practically work. by saying "let's just start playing it" isn't enough i'm afraid, but it's a step forward.
5on5 6on6 whats the differene ?

You still have your lame weapons like riflenades
You still have the Soldier class

and you still have your lame field ops that tries to kill 80 % of the opposit team with an airstrike.

If this game should be in some way appealing to skilled players fix the damn hitboxes , remove weapon spread and god damn increase the amount of damage dealed by headshots.

Thank you.
play once 6v6 and u know lmao
Lol dont be a moron mate

what you said is just silly
Huge difference.
You cant use 2 fdops in 5on5 even if you wanted to.
ofc u can, but u have to face the consequences.
Everyone just should start playing 6on6 therefore cb etc has to go with it too. simply as that.
1on1 > 3on3 & 6on6 > 5on5

for me it feels like 5on5 needs less teamplay.. its just standart tacs with some kind of ramboing around and u are already fine with owning all teams. While 6on6 really needed time to get the tactic and parts of the map perfectly done which then gave u a big advantage vs other teams.

@edit: + i still have +v in but not in !
just a thought:

- keep 5on5
- increase weapon spread (to rtcw type standards) so that shooting is harder
- decrease fop and soldier charge time to encourage people to take more of a risk with that class
- increase all spawn times by 10 seconds so that defending teams have to stick together more and attacking teams have to coordinate play more because they risk getting long spawns
I'm glad nobody listens to you 8-D
xD no body really listens to anyone to be fair
xD no admins really listens to community to be fair

fixed for ya! ET community is like the real world ;)
image: troll_trollercoaster

I'm glad I know that trolling is a trend nowadays, because otherwise it'd be mind-blowing that someone can still today take the ultimate idiotism to a new level.

to be honest tho no body from the 5on5 or 6on6 camp is doing anything to solve this except for the admins agreeing to 5on5 and apparently never going back

i dont see anyone leading a 6on6 revolution around here, do you?
its just small talk about nothing, no ideas or solutions.
it's true, that this is like 666th discussion about this same subject. ppl have requested a poll about this, but at least I haven't seen one so far. that would be something for starters.

to me there seems to be alot of oldskool players who want 6on6 back so they can be comfortable again instead of learning how to make 5on5 good but who are too worn out by ET to stir up public support for 6on6.

whats needed is a figure head or heads to get this thing going

if someone respected or passionate came out and really devoted themselves to getting 6on6 played then it could happen

better off praying that brink will be good tho imo
the smallest and easiest thing like a poll would open quite a lot of people their eyes if it were to be in favor of 6o6.
poll isnt that meaning ful and would get removed anyway

best way imo is:

1. to make active again
2. have many many many many journals saying how good 6on6 is
3. get top teams to sign a petition to call for the return of 6on6
4. for someone to start a 6on6 ladder or weekly/bi-weekly cup and have the games on ETTV so that the activity can be logged
hej man he has a good point man just imagine how much fun it is to say "1 full" knowing he will be speccing his team for 40 seconds hahehehaheaahea

on a serious note I'd also prefer 6o6 over 5o5!
well it would make things more interesting but it could make the game very boring to watch/play as there would be bigger risk/rewards and some people will take them and other won't
sorry but these ideas are the worst I've heard in a year :)
ewwwwww ...ok worst idea ive heard :)
i dont really mind since im not active anyway
needs news, poll, forum post, interview and a column. go for it, I know you want to! :)
planned column, contemplating writing it (if it isn't up before sunday though then i'll probably never get round to it)
then we need someone making external poll and a well written news about the Return of the jedi with a link to the poll!
6on6 is more "rich" & "full" gametype, took me a while to realize i actually prefer it by quite a big margin
6o6 > 5o5
We have to keep 5vs5 because there will be 5/6 LANs in 2011

image: tumblr_kxzz6vfw7p1qzfuqqo1_400
well it's sure different...
I do get the LAN argument and i won't say 5on5 is bad, it just emphasizes a different gamestyle, that's not necessarily a bad or a good thing.
However i do agree that 6on6 is much richer and more tactical (not to mention to me a lot more entertaining) to play.

5on5 = linear game play, predictable, no room for extensive tax but more aimbased, more pressure not to make mistakes.

6on6 = Richer gameplay, multilayered tactics, more tactics based. But slower gameplay, and more forgiving to mistakes.

You can classify most traits of both formats as beeing a pro or a con. It's a matter of opinion.
multilayered tax= best tax
It's a rather small amount of players who actually attend the LANs anyway,
so it's just a ridiculous excuse for having 5on5.
Same old shit, different day.
See how hilarious it is that ur almost only one defending here

at the same time we all know that ur one of the weak 6on6 players that do decent in 5on5, hihi
this is so 2010
5v5 is way better
5on5 sucks, everybody who says 5on5 is better than 6on6 is a fucking cancer mongol without any knowledge of this game.
Bring 6o6 back! VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!
even reikkeri is immediately there when talking about 6o6, strange!
Would like to see 6o6 back but i'm not a total hater of 5o5..
also, there are hardly any good multikills in 5o5 which kinda belonged to ET for least that made ETTV exciting and interesting...and watching ETTV nowadays is just so boring due to 5o5..even when it's final
This man speaks the truth.
My thoughts :

- 5on5 made the game more dull and repetitive. I never see innovating tactics anymore, while when we were playing 6on6 you could actually get surprised by other teams.

-Semi-contradicting myself here but 5on5 also made the game more random. If player A presses his selfkill button a millisecond too late the entire defence is most likely gone. This simple "missing one player = trouble-fact" has made ET more luckbased then it used to be. Sometimes a lesser skilled team can beat a more skilled team due to this, and unlike the surpises we saw "back in the day" these upsets have nothing do to with skill.

- 5on5 made the field ops a walking ammo cabinet, I dislike this because I used to main this class but I'm sure more people agree that this is a negative change.

- 5on5 made the game more linear, this argument might sound the same like the previous ones but I'm talking about something specific : The unexpected-factor. You're not allowed to go covert ops anymore, to then hide an entire minute, just to take out their command post on radar. You're not allowed to search the spawnkill as a field ops anymore because you'd be abandoning your team. ( Etc .. )

I know quite a lot of "oldschool" people, including myself, who quit playing because ET became terrible with the change. I hate 5on5.

Iron approves of this comment.
did u try to play on public server ? o: sayin the game is more linear and stuff cuz u got 1 player less is stupid then why not 7o7 ? imo 5o5 make the game more competitive about shooting cuz less spam...
Your comment makes no sense, no offense.
comparing competitive gameplay to that of publics = great success (buy brain k thx)
+1 .. 5on5 explained in one simple comment :>
I've forgotten what 6on6 is like now.
5on5 made players like winghaven completely useless.
or not as useful as you were in 6o6, eventhough the correct word should be efficient !
people still make fragmovies of 6on6 frags, why so ?????
I agree Mztik

And its still lots of people who want 6on6 back, even after one year..

And I swear I havent seen a single one legit argument backing up 5on5 :D
lans? activity?

? :D
lans? get few more computers :D
activity? people prefer 6o6 = more activity

no shit?

Oops, meant gameplaywise
this is like the 10th post about how crappy 5o5 is or how much ppl want 6o6 back, if you feel so strongly about it do something about it writing journals over and over again wont do shit
yes I like 5on5
yes I like 5on5
haven't played 5on5 for like 2 months... 6on6 all the way :)
5v5 too boring
i hate 5on5.
Wie Recht du doch hast, ist echt erstaunlich wie genau eine Person, sich über die Meinungen der Community hinwegsetzt
5on5 is awful and we shouldn't suffer it just because of CC7
i hate 5on5.
5v5 too boring
haven't played 5on5 for like 2 months... 6on6 all the way :) is waiting for us. Just join and start playing our favorite format.
I would also love to see 6on6 back...I definitely dislike 5on5 because Fieldops became even more crippled due to the 5on5 gameplay...Also it somehow influenced my gamestyle pretty much...ive been used to 6on6 for such a long time and then suddenly 5on5 appeared and it was really hard (and it is still hard) to get used to it.
6v6 > 5v5 , in all ways
6o6 > 5o5 without a question.
if 6v6 is back, ET will die.
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