Cybrog R.A.T.

This mouses become very popular so Im wondering how is to play with them in et?
I hope someone has tryed it already.
first post!
holy shit thats one ugly mouse
+1 lol ugliest mouse i've seen so far :p

image: rat9-ces-thumb-640xauto-15522
image: 500x_mc1
image: Mad-Catz-Cyborg-RAT-Mouse_1

Cant be good
must secretly be a transformer come to earth to destroy us all
twin exhausts, yeah!
i cant believe someones actually buying that shit
whatever you guys saying,Cyborg R.A.T 7 was declared as best gaming mouse of year in my country

And I asked if anyone tested him,you cant rate smth by look
youre from croatia.....
Looks like my mouse when i smash it against the wall
ive got one
its pretty good, getting over 50 hs every round with rifle.
Remote Administration Tool
Bad Sensor :([/img]]image: 4iimau
fucking spacestation
I prefer the most simple version, the R.A.T 3.
I have this mouse and it's pretty good tbh! Despite it's rough looks it is really comfortable too! A must buy from me!
finaly some normal answer,thx alot :D
im sorry, but it looks fucking horrendous
z0mbie, the rest of us are being serious too, that things look impossible to grip well theres simply way to much shit going with it. Nothing smooth or really well contoured about it at all
Looks can be deceiving.
maybe you are right,but as bird said look can be deceiving.TBH I would like to test it,but its too much money to pay for testing smth :D
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