SC2 GSL Code S Groups

SwedenJinro and United States of America IdrA both advanced. amazing games, amazing commentary, amazing interviews. everything amamamazing :D

-------------- SPOILER ALERT ------------

First matchup was Korea, Republic of oGsEnsare (T) vs Korea, Republic of CheckPrime.WE (Z) wich the terran won
after that it was the foreigners turn were Sweden LiquidJinro (T) beat United States of America EGIdrA (Z) after a very nice macro game, United States of America IdrA gg'd after Sweden Jinro kept denying his 4th base while United States of America IdrA was running out of economy.
Then United States of America IdrA had to take on Korea, Republic of Ensnare and had to win to still have a chance to advance. United States of America IdrA expanded like crazy. got maxed very quick and had so much Minerals in the bank that he run his maxed army into Ensare's took out almost everything and reinforced with 17! Ultralisks at once to spell doom over Korea, Republic of Ensnares base
When that was done it was time for Sweden Jinro to secure his spot in the next round vs Korea, Republic of Check, but some mistakes on Sweden Jinro made him lose the game

This ment that every player was on one game won and one game lost, so chances were all open for that.
Sweden Jinro took on Korea, Republic of Ensare, after one of the best TvT's since the launch of the game jinro took the win in a dominating style and secured his spot.
To make the party complete United States of America IdrA beat Korea, Republic of Check in a very good ZvZ on Jungle Basin wich made it possible that both Forgeigners competing for the code S advanced. Sick games were played today :]

In the next round Sweden Jinro will be facing GSL Seasons 2 Runner-Up Korea, Republic of MarineKingPrime (Also know as BoxeR or FakeBoxer or FoxeR) and United States of America IdrA will be taking on Korea, Republic of TSL_Clide

Discuss :)

such nice games <3
stream or gtfo :<
alrdy over .. dunno if there are any vod's else than those on gomtv but they'll cost : X
its just done :D

its a restream. its not on yet tho, but it saves vods, so maybe tomorow the vods will be on :)
TvT was really awesome, you just can see how great of a player Sweden Jinro is,

Atleast so much better then the boring Code A group...

E: Someone know the group of Sweden Jinro? Didn't catch the interviews becaus i had a call, is he is Mc's group?
He has to play Marinking/Foxer :D also MC is in his group and i think rainbow was the last one :)
i think idrA is a douchebag but zerg is an amazing race to spec :P Jinro really deserves his S class!
brat_ok aint playing sc2?
havent seen him in ages on some cups or smth, just that diamond league or whatever hes rolling
ya hes laddering sometimes, streaming that too. saw him participating a few small cups lately tho, like zotac, never got rly far i believe
Just watched the VoDs. Finally some cool matches. <3

"LiquidJinro (T) beat EGIdrA (Z) after a very nice macro game, IdrA gg'd after Jinro kept denying his 4th base while IdrA was running out of economy."

not only that but IdrA didn't even saturate his 3rd base.
yeah matches were great :) were did u find the vods?
that kill on transfering drones was huuugeeee
I think you replied to me before with the same website, I'll bookmark it this time ;)
Damn, missed the whole thing. Need to note when awesomestreams happen :(
QuoteJinro and IdrA both advanced.

Quote-------------- SPOILER ALERT ------------

fuck off
spoiler alert was regarding the games and how they went, not on who advanced or not, as u can see on the placement of the spoiler
game between Ensare and Jinro was most intense and sickest mirror terran match i have ever seen
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