Kaczynski plane footage( polish translation needed)

What's the reaction on this video in Poland? Is it true or fake and is the translation correct?

need link bro

and no mather what, we'll never know the truth because the truth is there was pressure on pilots cuz Kaczynski couldn't be late for teh ceremony in Katyn. We can't know this truth because then the blame would be on teh president and he can't be blamed cuz he is dead and you can't say bad shit about dead people.
paranoid poles trying to create a conspiracy by russians out of this, quite sad actually. it's the presidents fault, as he was making a big fuzz on the plane to be on time hence the pilot made a mistake, easy as that..
its bullshit, polish pilots did a huuuuuuuuge mistake in awfull weather, thats the main reasons of this accident, also it'll be really stupid from russian to try kill 90 polaks while they're flying to russia for very important event also for russian government and polish ;c
Quote@Karol2067 hahaha....it was a glorious day you blasted, assfucked bastard. may your stupid ugly president burn in hell for all eternity.

youtube is so mean :<
Who carez about our reaction? Some of us just DONT want to face with truth. Poland is fine country, too bad that we are stupid nation...
There are so many mysteries, which won't be exposed.

Translation seems to be okaay, but i smell manipulation. People believed that shot noises was just effect of overheated bullets which simply explodes (some of passengers, and pilots were military).

I saw this film just after accident, well i was follower of next versions (first non edited, second with slowmo, next with slowmo, translations, voiceboost and screamreductions...). Now I'm more like impartial, i recognized that I will never met the truth. If I were u, i wont believe this videos : ). Maybe I sounds like hopeless, well, i lost hope in my countrymans few months ago so doesnt matter. But I'm certain that it wasnt mistake of our pilots.
If I where the camera guy, I wouldn`t shout "ahujet" so loudly when unknown people are shooting at some one in hundred meters from you.
Basic multikill by Russia
I do not speak russian
what a bullshit
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