Who are these ETPlayers?

First of all, in no way am I intending to be derogatory with this post. This is a serious question as I would prefer to avoid further rudeness if uncalled for to such players. I haven't been very active in the ET scene for about a year and a half so I need to catch up a little bit. And I would ask this on an American site but we don't have one anymore AFAIK.

Who are hayzay, sandbag, and peaches?

Hayzay I just don't know, is there another alias? Just a new player?

I've been lead to believe over the past six months that sandbag is NEB!Dominator, but now I'm being told otherwise. I find this hard to believe considering sandbag always responds to Dominator even if I'm not addressing him. True or false?

Also I had no idea who peaches is, but another somebody told me that miss peaches is in fact NEB!Twoguns. True or false?

That is all.
Some random lowskillers
is it cold in finland, or what is the reason why your brain dosen't work and you are unable to answer a simple question?
You really should trust more in your Google Translater.
never heard
sandbag is a nice guy :o
hayzay is a nice guy :o
peaches is a weirdo that only searches low games. :o
peaches is a girl duh
most likely sandbag is dom and peaches is twogunz.

hayzay is kinda new, he was good without slac, dont know how he plays now ;p
What does it matter?

Who is bliss?
Why it matters is explained in the first post. I should point out to the previous comments that I am not concerned with their skill. I simply verifying that they are not, in fact, known cheaters.
So you think they are cheaters? The reason you want to know isn't actually explained. All you say is if you are wrong you will stop flaming them.
Because I am supposed to play with hayzay, and I would like to prevent any unnecessary rudeness to poor sandbag and miss peaches. I should point out that I have not, in fact, begun flaming them. Sandbag could possibly have taken offense to the fact that I called him Dominator, and that I didn't want to play with or against Dominator and thus Sandbag.

You are not required to care. If you do not have the information I seek on my holy quest, you may move on to the next topic.
You can do investigating yourself, or in private. Making a journal is so attention seeking ;)
That's the point.
If you like, I could ask the wall the next time I want a question answered. It would be as attention free as possible.
I don't think you quite got what I meant, how about you have another read?
how else was he supposed to find out? its not like the zillion youtube journals and OMG LISTEN LOOK THIS 1000X REPOST VIDEO journals are so good...

keep drivin that bus bliss
To be fair just because it's a repost doesn't mean that everyone has seen it. And there are many ways to find out who someone is, rather that asking encyclopedia crossfire.
I thought gayzay was canadian? :s
sandbag pretty cool
dunno 'bout the others
who the hell are any of you people
leave peaches alone!
peaches is quite good tbh, never heard of her before tho
hayzay dunno, decent player.


blissy m8 you know kat used to play as peaches, maybe its her!

as for the others, lots of talk and in no way skill to back it up. get ouch back and roll some nerds this NC.

think dom is taking the footsteps of opiate in coding slac proof cheats, I hear neither of them have mics either which is coincedental enough seeing as how Dom and TwoGuns both appeared in NEB, both disappeared and now these kids show up together again, all a bit too much if you ask me.
No, peaches isn't kat. I'm 99.9% certain of this. Although I will ask her when she's around.
Dont have to, she doesnt play ET anymore ;) only wc3 :(

but yeah, the people you mentioned are a pretty clear case.
Opiate had lowest damages on SLAC wars some days ago :<
coding doesnt mean he uses them ;)
That would make a whole new twist to team USA, lol.
What do you mean?
I'm not following the NA scene that active anymore since last trimester of college, so can't help you on this one.

In the case these guys turn out to be old NEB! fags then a cheater line-up is the worst promotion for the US scene..in a long time.
hayzay is just a random decent player, but not really NC skilled imo

sandbag and peaches simply came out of nowhere and are pretty good players, so somehow a rumor got started that they were dominator and twoguns

not true though :P
On inspecting your profile, you appear to be both a biased and unreliable source of information.
so actually knowing these players makes me biased and unreliable?

I have played, messaged, and spoken with both sandbag and peaches for a while and can assure you that they were never in NEB

if you'd like me to get both dominator and sandbag to speak with you at the same time, I can do so, but seeing as I am unreliable... please continue to believe whichever rumors you wish to believe :)
QuoteI have played, messaged, and spoken with both sandbag

Quoteif you'd like me to get both dominator and sandbag to speak with you at the same time, I can do so

If you've never spoken with him, why would he listen to you if you asked him this?
would be as easy as talking to opiate lol
Yes, knowing them and obviously being friends with them makes you biased.

You are also unreliable as you appear to be a new player. I do not remember you and your registered date is last August.

No offense is intended.
ah, but since I am friends with them, I know much more about them than every other person in this journal.. and I know they are not dominator and twoguns

yes, I am a new player.. but I have learned a lot and know a decent bit more about the current NA scene than you do :)

no offense taken
so why ppl told me that u were a jaymod player who came to 2.6b for random reason either way ur team is full of lies and probably much more than just a group of new player
sandbag, and peaches

Member For: 9 months and 25 days
Member For: 9 months and 30 days

Obviously seems like that they are two old cheaters coming up with new nick
prime example of crossfire's inability to accept "new talent" :P
sandbag clanbase;

Created on 26 Oct 2010 22:57
and? thanks for reinforcing my point that he is simply a new-ish player with a new-ish account on CB, and not a returning cheater
Why won't you ask them?
"George, did you steal Bob's gum?"

hayzay is a nice player
They suck, You guys need Matt and Ouch!
You care too much blissiboy. Get bdmatthewson, alea and gf and I will make Hellboy comeback (or I will tell matt to get him back either way :D) and there you go! You have team USA, you can successfully make totem poles on all maps!

Tupac will be providing an impeccable shoutcast of how well organised your totem pole is and I will be sitting in spec organizing the pole.

Does it sound like a good plan?
I remember seeing a video of this awesome totem pole defense...
there we go
That particular example is not what I was talking about.
sorry to dissapoint
Haha that music is awesome!
I'm in.

btw where the fuck did our website go :(
Forums are still up...I think.
Yes, it's still there.


Inactive though.
Bliss i have a question. Do you still swim with your shirt on?
I still have that signature on my ESL account. Truly a miracle that they never deleted my account.
According to torm they are two different players. Torm says both are on his xfire at the same time, but that isnt very hard to do. So not sure.

Like everyone is saying hayzay is decent without slac but with it idk since i havent played with him lately.
Bliss, I played with sandbag, and that's the only alias he has been using. I was also suprised with his skill considering I have never heard of him before, but why don't you ask him yourself who he is?
Well I was mainly interested if he was a known cheater or not. Figured there might be some detectives on here. My usual source is not interested in ET anymore. If anyone could teach me how to be a detective that would be appreciated.
sandbag i have no idea but peaches is someone who came from jaymod i think. Scrimmed against her a cpl times before i stopped playing but parker knows more about her, and apparently shes been around for a while now. Hayzay has been around for a while as well. He also used the name Carko in the past but thats when we played .55. From then on hes used the name Caje i think and played in euro cups and what not but never played in any NA comp afaik.
i heard sandbag was training keith to become (high) but failed hard since keith is a goof ball anyway sandbag showed everything he knew about ET to keith so sandbag is not new probably another player who have something to hide or maybe he is dominator
keith: that u andrew?
keith: p_p
taZyaa: noo!!!!!!!!
keith: lol
taZyaa: ye, whats up?
keith: >_>
keith: what server did we used to play on 5 years ago
taZyaa: all of em
keith: lmao
keith: ok u can stay cuz ur funny
keith: as shit
taZyaa: we rolled that shit
keith: that was a good ass answer
keith: Lol
keith: all of em
keith: rofl

LOL tazyaa under sandbag name on ventrilo talking to keith >>(what server did we used to play on 5 years ago)<<

sandbag is not new to ET
and yet, all of us that have actually been playing that long have no idea who it is. I love these nonames who come out of nowhere pretending like they've been around forever.
everything is possible in europe.
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