protein shakes

Can someone recommend me goot stuff?

currently drinking this one:

image: 513KYHY2SXL._SL500_AA280_

vanilla taste, but don't like it that much :P has any of you got one with a decent taste?

Also, is it better to drink it with milk? cuz I always drink it with water
OptimumNutrition's Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein. Best all-around
milk. those shakes are not even that useful unless u cant drink milk or weight over 100+ kg. u'll get exact same stuff if u make good food with nice protein ratio.
ye but then I have to eat meat for like 5 times a day and I don't feel like doing that.

It's just for recuperating my muscles and improve mass
450g chicken + 600g meat, 2 tomato pasta = 353g carbs, 387g protein, 159,5g fat and 4387 kcal + milk. should be enough for a while :)

e: if u eat too much protein, the waste just goes through your liver and u'll just pee it out.

altho i can admit that those shakes can give a small + if u try to gain weight..
beside the fact that milk is full of sugar ...
and?not like it's gonna kill you
for example some ppl cycling a low and high carb intake on a bulk to push up insulin levels which helps to keep the body in a stronger anabolic state. When you are on the low carb phase you still pack on mass while keepin the bodyfat% gains low due to the fact that your muscles glycogen stores are still saturated from the high carb intake phase ... etc pp
yes 4,9g in 100g. besides it has 3,8g protein in 100g. u can get more sugar from protein shakes :)
in 100g of my whey is 2g sugar 90g protein

considering that i mix 30g with 200ml water iam at:

27g protein and 0.6 sugar per serving

if i want the same amount of prot with milk i need to drink 675ml and thats around 33g~ sugar

see the diffrence :p
the protein ratio depends on what kind of workout ur doing & what kind of meals u eat. u dont have to drink only milk for getting right amount of protein :D

from my previous comment:
Quote450g chicken + 600g meat, 2 tomato pasta = 353g carbs, 387g protein, 159,5g fat and 4387 kcal + milk.

my point was that u'll get same stuff from food than from protein shakes => shakes are overrated.
well i guess no1 is replacing their meals with a whey shake , also whey got some benefits that "regular" doesnt have .. like the price for the amount of protein (skinless chickenbreast is pretty expensive in germany atleast) + its quickly absorbed

if you handle wheyshakes as what it is , a supplement then its not overrated tbh. yet you can get all you need from normal food ofc.
sugar is important for muscle training!
i get my sugar from fruits as its a "cheap" source of vitaminz and fiber :3
and disregarding the fact that a whole lot of ppl can't even break down milk properly. Totally overrated thing to drink.
Quotethose shakes are not even that useful unless u cant drink milk

imo protein shakes are overrated, at least more than milk :)
ah yes didn't read your comment too well :DD
And idd both overrated!
celltech :P
y it reminds me of that when I'm drinking it.
optimum nutrition 100% whey gold standard - if you are new

optimum nutrition hyrdowhey - if you are somewhat good and experienced and just looking for some protein shake and you will get some supportive drinks. this is the best protein out there you can get. pure protein.
First product with hazelnut flavor = win!
Strawberry is pretty ok as well.
ich habe das Pulver bisscher nur in Shoko und Vanillengeschmack gekauft, beides schmeckt gut :)
you have differences in quality of those protein powder products.
Ask SwedenAlexL
Only drink with water, not milk, no matter how bad it tastes.
best protein shake that puts brain in a coma. good old home made Rakija

image: DSC005142
jij bent al gespiert genoeg jonge
with milk it tastes better, go for some protein powders from US
one of the best whey proteins out there is image: on-100-whey-gold-standard-2.27kg-5lbs--2845-p

Best taste is: Double Rich Chocolate, like drinking chocolate just without sugar, in other terms : Awesome with milk

Also contains BCAA with much Leucin that improves testosterone levels in your body and are overall great amino acids for recovery purposes

It is also the whey powder which lies on top considering protein/serving.

Buy the powder and never regret anything.
it tastes not that good .)

4kg package for 49,90e. Its really cheap.
Hahahaha nerd

Try creatine, its making you able to handle mutch more weights.
Maybe optimize by use creatine infront and whey protein after your workout, this will give you a heavy muscle growth!

I order everything at Body, the quality is awesome!
using creatine as a beginner is a waste of money -.-
I use it :PP
yup but when you use it, you also have to sport allot other wise you will only gain fat and not muscules!:)
started cycling again, so wouldnt be a problem
sucking rocking oh wrong
get Designer Chocolate =))
nigga thats more like gainer! and eggs, wtf :'(

CINNAMON is quite nice to add too :) to boost metabolism :)
Will try that next time :)
ask alexL
who cares what it tastes like...
also, youre a skinny lil faggot so you should go for a weight gainer instead :PPPPPPPPPP

Rice & Protein from bodylab is alright.
dont listen to the faggotz that are advertising ON , they just repeat what they read on random bb forums etc ... (its a good whey tough , just expensive)

imo get a random whey isolate with a neutral taste or tasteless ... so you can mix that shit with what ever you feel like ... after i finished my 5lb cookie cream ON whey i nearly had to puke when i just had the smell in my nostrils.

i never tested it but i heard good thinks about it:
enjoy your chemic sweatener ON taste , hater !
double rich chocolate with milk must be the best tasting whey on the market seriously, after been trying ultimate nutrition, eiselt, starnutrition etc etc this is the best i've come across.

Try that taste with 4 dl cold milk and 1 1/2 scoop of the powder and feel free to come with some feedback :)
its not that cookie & cream tastes bad its awesome .. but after i finished 5lbs of it i cant see or smell it anymore .. with a neutral taste you can mix the shit with what ever you feel like or for example add it to your oatmeal or use it for a omlette or something like that.
I bought 4.5kg for £20 in the sale, would have cost £90 :PpPpPp
What Rize said.
get face then muscles
banaan tastes good :)

you have to mix it with water it's beter! you body will gain it direct and you got faster effect!
if you mix it with milk you double the dosses and it's not so good for you'r skin! and the effect isn't that fast, only the tast will be beter!

so I recom banaan with water best mix :)!!

image: xxl-nutrition-groot-270 with low fat milk


image: xxl-nutrition-groot-844 with water

yum yum, the last one is actually disgusting. I can barely drink it, but it works great :o)
totally useless! For ex.: You weight 80 kg., than u need 100 gr. protein/day. When you do a very hard training, you need 1,2 gr/kg/day. You get this with normal food and a normal diet very easy. More protein does not mean more muscles / faster gain :D You must have a lot muscles before you cant get enough protein with normal food, than this protein shakes are maybe usefull.

Better look that you have enough weight before you start training serious and go to gym at least 1,5 hrs/day and every 2nd day, np than. At least it works very well for me :P
I always train 2 hours a day.

monday gym, tuesday ride on bike, wednesday gym, thursday bike, friday gym, sunday bike

@ gym I do like biceps, triceps, back, chest, side etc

I don't weigh alot, but my muscles have improved alot, so I wanted to take some supplements (Taking creatine, magnesium and 1 shake after training)
50 min tops (atleast if you want to build muscles) with like 3 excercises/muscle group with 2 sets per excersise and like 4-8 reps. (I do min 4 and maximum 6)

Like my chest+triceps workout today

Benchpress: 2x6
incline benchpress 2x6
incline dumbellpress 2x6

Tricepspress with barbell 2x6
Triceps Pushdowns 2x6

50 min workout with 2 min between the sets

Building muscles is overloading them, not wearing them down which you do with so long workout.

The guy has one point tho, its true, you dont have to eat proteins if you have 2 chicken breasts in your bag to the gym, but not everyone has it, it also doesnt contain BCAA which is a great supplement considering its recovering effects. Leucine also boosts the testosterone levels. I also sometimes prefere to take a shake and eat in 40 min - 1 h because you're not always hungry after a hard workout, do that mostly all the time.

Good luck finding a good whey protein and getting confused/sorting good/bad info from 98 % of crossfire bodybuilders
It's not like I follow all of their advices :P but it's good to get a view on it by someone else that has experienced it

and I know about the overloading thing, that's why I do benchpress last and give everything when I finish, and take 1 shake after every session when I excercised. (so 3x/week)
just try holding you're workouts to 1 h max, without cardio, longer ofcourse if you do cardio after the workout. Workout with heavy weights and low reps if you wanna build muscles, challenge youreself by increasing the weights with like 2 kg compared to the weights you lifted 2-3 weeks ago.

Make splits, train a bodypart once in a week, something like this

Chest - triceps
Back - Biceps
Shoulders - Traps
Legs - abs
Lower arms (wrists) - calves

Drink your protein and eat loads of food, every 3 h and you will see the results.

A side note, muscles tend to grow much the first month of lowrep training, then it will slowly climb and get you bigger with time.

Good luck
y I already do workout in splits :) thanks for the tips ^^
If you want the best tasting experice with protein powder you should take a look at the scitec nutrition, they are a bit expensive but with great tasting.

Otherwise go with optimum gold whey 100 % with Double Rich Chocolate and its ok
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