Slacced very hard

i wana play to ET so i run slac but when i run it i've this message :

"Error sending data to the master server."

Any solution ?
i don't really wanna format =DD
Retry, or "reinstall"

I had problems updating slac with AVG, but seems that I had to disable my Online Shield for a sec, update slac and then just enable it again :)
try to send data to the master server ?

Just restart Slac & try it again after a bit. It's just Slac fucking up, nothing wrong with your computer. An alternative might be to just start ET without Slac, exit it & try again with Slac.

Note: Never believe people who say format when they are from the trollweb. They are people created through incestuous behavior which resulted in retardism.
B-b-but...format always helps!
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