Overview "Digifest 2010"

Small overview of the biggest lan party in Estonia


1:20 Meh in red
And from 2nd minute you can see some Estonian ET players like Edgar,freeze,easr,mant,Jyrkz,Jenka

BB :>
lol lol nerd playing lan lol lol
squad.ee line up?
why Digifest makers didnt post this lan at CF?:/
järgmine kord ka?:)

siis võiks 5o5 olla see :/
get et 5on5 tournament ....
not easy in estonia cause only like 100 guys playing at est this game :/ and its good if we get 6 teams to lan!:D but if u come with ur team we will make it 5o5!
a lan like aef or the crossfire lans or the upcoming esport challenge lan by tlr(if this lan is coming up) maybe then there will be more clans ^^
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