returned from the gym

just ate my good foods. after a nice session of lifting. does anyone on crossfire visit a gym? if so, what are your personal bests?
also not sure if i'm getting trolled hard by half the posters
You don't use the article 'a' with a possessive form of a word.
going for 6 months now, benchpress 60 kg, 300 situps, 14kg dumbbells for biceps.
I see you have mastered the most important exercises
turn up the weight!
I just increased the weight for benchpress, but gotta do smth for biceps :/
im also stuck at 14/16 kg for curls, but benchpress goes better quickly :)
300 situps is useless
my sixpacks says otherwise
barrel > sixpack anyway
i believe SPORF is the way to go
It would be an interesting discussion, but unfortunately you have no credibility whatsoever.
Anyways, I like how you stayed at the gym for about ten minutes:
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Might be, but I remember you saying in that journal that you're leaving for the gym.
no i said im pumped after a session at gym
indeed it was
I have trained for 3 years, now I had to stop cuz I have lots of important exams however I will back to my favourites sports after I end school :)
im too lazy doing sport at home. eatinh heatlthy. do clubbing a lot helps too.
impatient u
What did I do?
Oh you'd be so whipped.
u did it wrong alan
No you did it wrong.
bold pls!!!!!!!!!!!
No you did it wrong
hehe win for meee. you did what i want from u :x
When are we next having phone sex?
sounds like we had it alrdy ;)
wear a very very skinny shorts/pants and do squats - you'll feel like a queen there, my promise
4 times/week weightlifting 2/week mma training since 2007
in october was my last fight in boxing, but i do it not for fights, only for myself and my job
so you make money boxing?
no i work as security
at 1st u were like :) but then u found out that he's a securityguard and u were all liek :O
same here. Im thinkin of starting MMA or something but then again, there are so many other things I want to do also.
my all gym shit and stuff canceled cuz of trying to get my band signed..
i hate lifting but i love eating
going to fitness now! but i need to gain weight , at 71kg atm but i need 75/80 kg at least
85kg benchpress
don't like the gym.

i just do situps/pushups at home every workday + occaisonal biceps-training + i run 2/3x a week.
rugby instead of that wuss shit
can't be good at rugby unless you hit the weights. prove me wrong or fuck off
lol i dont need to prove shit to you, and ur comment dosnt make to much sense either u moron
yes it does faggot. in order to be good in rugby you must hit the weights
If u believe u need weights to be good in rugby ur fucking ignorant
take any ACTUALLY good rugby player and 10 pounds says the lift weights
You need to build base strength for almost any sport from golf to pingpong to rugby
it's true and you know it
In a way, yes. But it's not all about your weight/muscle that makes you a good player ;_;
muscle = faster sprints, you can tank through players, agility, CONFIDENCE(major boost)
I heard all swedish guys are gay. Guess you prove it wrong as you don't play football.
haha, theres nothing better than gettin down dirty
YES! Started 1.5 years ago. Benchpress 100kg x 4, Deadlift 120kg x 6.
gonna start working on my abs from this wednesday, nothing else just that. in 3 months or so i will have the 6-pack more figurated and more bulky, atleast thats the plan
Gonna do my usual home workout with dumbbells in an hour or so.

Push-ups, biceps curls, triceps dips, deadlifts, bench press, crunches, rows. Everything with 2x 15 kgs, don't have more :-(

I'll hit the gym when I'm done with weight reduction, at the moment it's just to maintain the current muscles and not lose all of it during the diet.
Nevertheless , you're still fat...Life's fair?!?!?
It is kinda fair, yep.
Want a cheeseburger?
Na, thanks. I'll have some tuna and curd cheese with peppers and cucumber later. :-)
Tuna is nice :P You have some more tuna ?
Nope, last tin. I'll probably get some more tomorrow though!
ur too friendly... like u weren't even bothered that he called you fat... i like that
respect for u! im to lazy to do it constantly. but luckily i just need to eat less to become some kilos less :) gl for ongoing !
Well, the main part of the weight reduction is still the diet itself and I would do just fine without any sports.
I'm just doing these few excercises (and also some cardio stuff and other sports like football and squash) to speed things up and work against the muscle loss which is unfortunately part of any weight loss :)

And it's fun as well!
since i started with sport (3weeks just bit at home ;)) im feeling better and im up earlier in the morning and more positive. maybe cause i stopped the weed as well.. but yeah diet itself is good but it doesnt help to become motivated imo. it makes me slow and loosing power. so sport is needed as well right!!!
May i ask how and what you eat?

I'm actually doing studies in how you can gain the most muscles and still lose the most fat, so i'm quite intressed in people who try to gain and lose weight,

Myself is going on heavy gains/diets from time to time losing/gaining alot of weight
currently i'm losing weight from 103kg to 85 kg in 3 months

At 89kg now after 1.5 months !!! im almost there ;)
In theory it's impossible to gain muscle mass and lose weight (being on a calorie deficit). However I managed to atleast shape the body a little and also gain quite some strenghts over the time. Still the main goal of my diet is to lose weight, but I think it's not too bad for workouts either.

So here we go:

Morning: 150-200g full wheat muesli/cereals (around 100-130g carbs) with soy milk (avoiding any animal protein so the insulin reaction isn't that high and your body starts burning fat quicker)

- 4-5 hours break, just water/tea/coffee without any milk or sugar -

Lunch: Anything! On days I plan to workout later I eat a bit more carbs, on other days just more protein

- 4-5 hours break, just water/tea/coffee without any milk or sugar -

Dinner: max 10-15g of carbs, heavy on protein and vegetables.

So in total that's mostly around 2000-2200 kcal a day, which is still a deficit of 500-700 for me! The main thing about the diet is that the insulin reaction curve stays low during the breaks so the body actually burns fat. If you keep snacking in the meantime your body will automatically send out insulin and the fat burning process is stopped for a few more hours again.

This way I have lost almost 66 kgs within 2 years and never had problems with motivation or anything else as you can eat everything, even chocolate for lunch or breakfast. Another 22 kgs to reach my goal this summer, which is somewhere around 90 kgs (185cm).
QuoteI'm actually doing studies in how you can gain the most muscles and still lose the most fat, so i'm quite intressed in people who try to gain and lose weight,

You can only do one or the other, not both together &_&
How much weight have you lost since dieting and exercising? Keep up the good work btw.
Almost 66 kgs, 22 kgs to go till summer :-)
Benchpress 130kg :)
your weight?
Length of what? =D
shhhhhhh it was related to insti only :PPPP!!!
:oooooooo thanks for bday present ;)
ohhh hb saskia, hope you have a great day with lots of hugs and kisses and ofc presents :D

image: anhug12
daaaaaaaaankeschön :))
I bet you never lifted a weight in ur life.

17 years old at 80 kg lifting 130 kg in bench.. comon think that comment over again,

Me and my best friend compete in benchpress he is around ur weight a bit tinner, he lifts around 120 depends on the day, he is a bloody bench presser... and semi bodybuilder and at the age of 20..

And ur trying to troll the ET community that you lift more at the age of 17, dont you have a must have age before you can even join a public gym,

IF you know lift 130kg ur awesome,

and i want you to write down ur stats from all ur lifts,
and ur workout schedule and WHAT you eat.
jealousy much? Just making an example here: 160cm/80kg 17 yr old, been working out for 2-3 years. It is possible.
IT IS possible but i doubt he can do it,

You clearly have better chance in succeding lifting more then him, ur alot shorter,
This guy is 187 cm tall he has alot further to go with his arms to make that lift and with a weight of 80 kg that is IMPRESSIVE i

And btw lifting 80 kg is decent that is normal.

Lifting 130 kg isnt very normal, but ofc it is possible but this guy

If he show me a picture of himself lifting it or give me all his stats i wouldent EVER beleive him
Ive seen 17 year old benching 125, actually have seen a few. But they are pretty much bench only.
Yea ive seen people lift 300-400kg on the bench still,

I aint saying its impossible couse nothing is. but you must have the right ability to do it,

Its like sayin

I'm better then maus and night togheter in ET

thats like saying a 17 year old dude almost 190 cm tall taking 130 on the bench with, and DOING it right without cheating
I didnt get your point when you told you saw 300-400kg being lifted from bench, thats fucking useless and really retarded and those guys have pumped everything you can find from the black market.

I dont even find hard to believe 17 year old with proper training lifting 130kg, even its not something you see every day on gym, anyway most of the 17 year olds only do bench beucase they think its the most important thing to do at gym.
with proper food and supplementary, without these it's impossible in 2 years or so.

4000-5000 kcal a day
;) right haha

Bench 110 (was trolling at the beginning, yeah)
deadlift 135
squat 120-30 (not sure)
and Im almost 18

dont care if you believe me or not,
I know a guy who is 18years old, around 160cm and he lifts 169kg, and he is at the first place in Poland or 'province', dont remember.
And my best friend is 170, 64kg and he lifts 115kg so dont make me laugh.

current training
klatka (gora) barki (przod i bok)
- wyciskanie skos sztanga 4s 10-8pow
- wyciskanie skos (mniejszy skos ni&#380; w 1&#263;w) hantlami z supinacja 12-8pow + rozpietki skos 15-12pow 3s
- Wyciskanie sztangi z klatki 3s 12-8 pow
- unoszenie na boki 2s 12-10 pow

nogi, biceps
- przysiady ze sztanga na karku 4s 10-6
- uginanie nog lezac z hantlem miedzy stopami 4s 12-8
- wykroki 3s 12-10
- Uginanie ze sztanga 3s 10-8
- Uginanie z supinacja siedzac 3s 12-8pow
- Uginanie w oparciu o kolano 3s 12-10pow

klata (dol) triceps
- Wyciskanie skos w dol 3s 12-8pow
- wyciskanie plasko 10-8 + rozpietki plasko 15-12pow 3s
- przenoszenie hantla 1s drop set
- francuskie wyciskanie lezac 4s 12-8
- prostowanie ramion w opadzie tulowia 3s 15-12

Plecy, tyl barkow
- Podciaganie 4x MAX
- Wioslowanie sztanga 4s 10-6
- MC 3s 10-6 pow
- unoszenie ramion w opadzie tulowia 4s 12-10pow
- szrugsy 3s 15-12

to lazy to translate, hf.

about the diet,

protein around 2,5g/kg, carbo 5g/kg, depends if its Training day or not, fat around 1g/kg
I could beleive 110, 20 kg is alot more on the bench =D i do wish you can lift the 130 soon tho

Nice stats keep it up!
Well, I'm not aiming to be the best of the best @ bench, I don't really care about my stats either, and Im not like average of boys at my age, I do want muscles, not lifting 9999kg @ bench, I can lift even 50kg as long as I'll have a good, proportional body.
160cm and that much on bench, fuck off :D
Im serious. He is fucking short, couldn't believe it either at the beginning, but i saw it at school, he lifted all of ours weight (130kg) 6times, so it is possible, anyway he has diploma from the tourney :X He is 160-165MAX.
130x6 and he can bench 169

Your dying in your own lies :D
lol, i dont care if you believe me or not.
Common "I dont care"-card.

You are lieing, you know it. :) Now get the fuck out and go tell your stories to somebody else.
i bet you didnt even lift 80kg 8D

Dont train max reps anymore on bench, pointless and boring.
QuoteYou are lieing, you know it. :) Now get the fuck out and go tell your stories to somebody else.
Ah yeah, what ever.

Bench = useless, 102,5kg was enough for me, later I will start to raise my bench max rep again.

Squat = I bet not many fags on this site can compete :)

and squat ofc till the bottom, no woman-sqats.
I do visit.

Benchpress 5kg, next year i do 10 .
Used to bench 80kg, curl 40kg. Haven't trained in months, probably can't do half as much now :<
Football 2 times a week and gym 3 - 4.
250 / 180
can bench press like 90kg i think

bicep curls dont know max :)
105 kg benchpress
i do exercise at home, why pay for a gym if you can do the same exercise for free at home?
and they will watch our asses :OOOOOOo
95kg benchpress
225kg footpress

my weight is some where near 75kg
hyi vittu, jalkaprassi MAKSIMIT 225 ja penkki 95? soot jannu reenannu pai vittuu =D
en muist ite tarkkaa mut joskus lukios ilman mitää reenii satku penkist ja jalkatsydeemist kyl meni reilusti enemmän, ei kai tossa mitään sen kummallisempaa ole varmaa suht monel menee noin (ei kyl hajuu onko toi +200 sit kovaki lukema?)
Siis jalkaprassiin saa lyoda sen 300+ sarjapainoks :D

Penkki 95kg jos painat 75kg on ihan hyvin, lahinna tarkotin etta tuo suhdanne noissa on aivan viturallaan, ainakin omat on paljo paremmin tasapainossa.
toi en mä haluu mitää tönkkiä jalkoja ku pelaan säbää.. siin tarvii olla suht nopeet jalat ja hyvin liikkuvat.. ei mitää kehon rakennusta
silti, 225kg jalkaprassist rep1 ja sit oot ylakroppaa treenannu ilmeisesti suht paljon, eli puupaa treenii penkkii vaan!! kyl taalki salil kay joskus joku homo-salibandy jengi ja tekee ne kyykkyi 90kg kunno sarjoja.
i lift to much
Football 3 times a week and run 2 times/week
Running 3 times a week, building up after an injury. Additional exercises for upper upperbody, without weights though. I don't see the point in getting buffed up.
Half of the people who go to gym cant do 1xx in bench, olympic squat or deadlift. End of discussion.

EDIT: More than half actually.
I havent seen any strong squatters in our gym :( Same was for deadlift until last week when I saw this huge motherfucking beast doing reps with 300+kg, so I went and asked him if theres was anything to correct in my form :)
Move to Helsinki.

Start going to Helsinki BBC


profit ;)
1xx DL is easy as fawk
4 x 12 with 150 for example?

Yeah sure :P
1xx can also be 100 and why the fuck would you to 4x12
Well I usually do 4x 15 but 4x 12 with a bit bigger weight and if I dont feel good on that day.
1x5 here, and you didn't specify if we're talking about 1RM or reps
what the fuck, 1x5.

Who does that kind of shit ? :D
starting strength, i might ramp it up to 2x5 or 3x5, we'll see
Very smart to start with rep 5's.

oh gosh
ye i think you know more than mark rippetoe
Well dont know for what that program is made for, but I started my deadlift with long reps (4x10 was long back then). I hardly do any max reps in anything anymore, have been focusing on getting in shape for summer. I know quite a few guys who were the best body-builders in Finland since 1970s. And one of them I go to gym with, other just makes my program :)

With this guy I randomly go to gym with, when he has time.

He aint in his top shape in this photo but still you can see he has trained a lot.
ye but bodybuilding =/= powerlifting even though what i'm doing can hardly be called that
this is merely for strength training purposes
Well, the guy who made my program was weight lifter in the 70s and 80s, he broke is shoulder in some bench-press competition, after this he needed like 2 years to make it OK, after this he is doing only body-building. So they have OLDSCHOOL experience / knowledge of both, and I trust them more than some random nerd on crossfire who trains like a tard (my opinion).

hope you dont get offended, the things you are doing might be good for you, they just dont sound good to me. (I might be wrong, i know that)
I cannot provide you any weight-lifting pictures of this guy because they are rare and cannot be found on the finnish body-building / weight-lifting forums, only photos of body-building at the age of 56
bodybuilding schmodybuilding.
SS as the name suggests focuses on strength not muscle mass, which is what i'm going for.
I doubt 1x5 is good enough for that, still.
i'm having doubts aswell, but i add 5 kilos each workout. will see where i end up.
benchpress used to train with 92kg's (have not got more, cuz I am doin' workouts @ home)
squats (long time ago used 120kg's, nuttin special, able to lift more now)
deadlift never tried more than 92kg's

nothing more, my goal this year is to get perfect 6pack (like I did two years ago, cuz on last vacation it was not that perfect)
I used to do it in 2008-2009/I and yet again in* 2010/I without proper food or supplementary.
Best benchpress was 110-115kg, squat around 130 and deadlift around 150kg.
all tese with 95kg myself
I was 102kg also but I was very very fat then, and I don't do workouts for 8months now, and I am skinny again.
Ik heb al vrienden zonder te moeten gaan powertrainen dus..
Can't stand gyms.

I go rock climbing (indoors until the weather breaks) about twice a week, cycling when the weather is nice and of course home workouts to help with climbing (various stuff on pullup bar) and forearm curls.

Have no interest in anything else, keeping an OK diet for what I do (though could up the protein and lower carbs at times) and have never been heavier than 69kg, avg 65kg
Hilarious how many new Schwarzeneggers appear whenever these kind of journals are being posted.

Boasting about their stats, who are probably fake. This still is a god damn gaming forum, can't really see how these 2 hobbies would combine.
Remember some of the people here dont play ET all day and sit in front of computer like you and your e-friends :D
Just face it. It's not very credible that some people here actually lift the weights they are mentioning here.

There might be a couple, but these journals are always packed with people you've never heard of who all seem to be the next Schwarzenegger.

Makes me puke.
Well you are right about that, there are some people who lie about their max reps etc which is fucking sad and hilarious at the same time. But I dont see why you think its "impossible" to play ET and same time lift heavy weight.

Go gym in the morning or in the afternoon, after that chill at home and maybe play some ET?
Never said it was impossible, just hard to believe.

There will be some people here who are surely good powerlifters / weightlifters, we.. But the amount of people who reply on these kind of journals is just ridiculous and obviously fake.
ye 225 kg leg presses and 14kg curls !1!111!1
my workouts only increase the muscles of my right arm.
no vids, no proof
128kilo max bench

21kilo curls

foot press around 250-260
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