I think that at a forum there are people who are engaged in bodybuilding. And so, a question to you following. Which shops are you use for purchase of a supliments? And that they were with the international delivery! At us in Estonia not so it is a lot of them. As few qualitative marks of the goods.
I hope for the help!

Sorry for english))

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just check out local shops.. or i think if u order for 100€ u dont have to pay shipping (its an german online shop with pretty fair prices)
Nevertheless if to compare the prices together with delivery I lose! The cheapest prices in states (usa)! thanx anyway)))
are you sure that: usa price + shipping + taxes + custom duty = cheaper than just the item price from ?
yep....i have already checked! for example: in our internetshops Whey protein costs 48 euro, same staff there 44$ + 6$ for DHL international shiping and here comes 50$ its above 37 euro :))
...but problem is next: they dont shiping a supplements into Estonia(( i dont know why!
god i nearly killed myself while reading your english. Anywho, go check out Robocop( That's one of the shops that's nearby to where i live, i got no idea about the prices tho.
check amazon some random vitamin & healthcare shops are putting their shit in the marketplace for a low price.
The simple solution: don't take supplements. They're there to make up for a deficiency. Consume enough calories, eat adequate amounts of protein and fat, shunt the rest into carbohydrates. If you want some supplements, go for what's proven to work creatine, fish oils, multi-vitamin (as most people are usually deficient in diet or at least something).
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