1on1 scene activity

How active is the 1on1 scene in ET
By average how often can you get official games or pcw?

On another note, has anyone tried this? http://cache.boston.com/bonzai-fba/Third_Party_Graphic/2009/01/10/11brain2axx__1231575167_0544.jpg
I mean the ping pong ball hallucinations.

no problem
press your fingers into your eyes (ofc having them closed) and you will see colors and shapes, I do not believe you will see unicorns though
omfg, fucking cool !
been doing that for ages, thanks anyways =)
WOW this really works, i saw a hippopotamus family floating around in space
Hmm.. ESL 1v1 Ladder is active, dunno about the CB one.
You can get an offi when you want if you seek on #1on1.et
i'm active as a vodka drinker, 1on1 too. does it count?
1.1 matches per day
I play ~10matches a week.
the amount of people where it makes fun to play against (skilled, not lagging, risking smth while playing 1v1 and not doing the same dumb boring shit all the time) decreased alot :(
at the time i stopped playing 1v1 90% of the "skilled" players were laggers. 5% were just boring to play against and 5% were awesome to play against :P
and since my lagscript doesnt work anymore.. gtfo with those laggers !

playing valhalla for hours and hours against a hand full of people was propably the funniest part of my whole ET time
giggled everytime I saw the word lag :)
Clanbase's 1on1 ladder died 3 or 4 years ago but the one run by ESL can still be called "active" (eventhough it doesn't really field good players like voiler and coOles anymore)
laughed abit
nothing to laugh about ;O)
move along, Mr.Olschewski (hAckji? :---D)
play quake if u want 1v1 nubo :>
Played like 11 1on1 offis since 2 months, pretty active ladder, decent players there, but many noobs like me :P
11 offis in 2 months = active ladder? :D I used to be playing something up to 4-5 officials per day when I was active, though only half of it were 2on2 offis
Didn't say i was active, tho when ever i searched an offi, i got one in the next minutes. It means there is still some players active in it.
If you want pro oppo take me
.et = dead
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