Battlestar Galatica

I watched one or two of the new episodes on TV before but never got going cause i wasnt watching it in order. However, I downloaded season 1 and it is fucking amazing I am addicted!
Its so different to the usual Sci Fi stuff, very coarse, very...something, its fantastic!

DL Now! :)
stuart.. I watched season 1 a while ago and the first couple of episodes are really nice and I thought "YES!" but a couple of episodes later it gets realy really dull and boring so I stopped watching it.

Nothing will ever replace the nostalgia of the oldskool battlestar galactica! (and I wont watch them again cuz in 2006 they suck, but back then it was the bomb!)
new episodes of this old stuff omfg the world is Italyretro :>
I keep seeing it in the shops for like £20 (which is cheap for a DVD set of a whole TV season). Think I should pick it up? I've considered it a couple of times...
without a shadow of a doubt mate, bsg is farking amazing :D
it ownz i started watching it 1 month ago or sth and i liked it from the start : )
I saw the first and second season and the Story is just awesome. Now iam waiting for the third season in german.
Normally i would watch it in now english, but i would dislike the voices imo :(

Wish you a lot of fun while watching the next episodes.

I'll promise you, you cant get enough of it :)
Adama's voice in English > all
sci fi starts with Asimov and ends with Asimov... real sci fi fans know what i am talkin...
Mmm, I've only read I, Robot and the core Foundation trilogy. Is the plethora of other Foundation stuff worth reading?
Best u can do: Buy the whole reedited Encyclopedia Galactica... all Asimov in one (7 books but only the first 5 like a history book)

if u liked the Foundation trilogy u will like it too...
Its telling the times before the foundation like a real history book. Awesome :)

sorry for my english and hope u will understand what i wanted to say :P
It's awesome, best show on tv no doubt. Got S1 and the miniseries prequel (you got that too right? The 4-hour long bit) on DVD, just waiting for S2 to come down in price - or xmas.
Yap, its awesome, one of the best scifi shows. 3rd season so far has been amazing. But the 1st season wasnt so good imo, only 3-4 good eps.
Agreed, I have also liked the third season so far. For some weird reason, Battlestar Galactica is the only show that has kept me entertained for a longer period of time.

Lost got boring somewhere in the middle of the second season. Prison Break I watch if I have nothing else to do, and Heroes is so fresh it's impossible to say if it'll be worth watching in the long run. But BSG has got me hooked, even though I'm not much of a scifi-fan.
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