French Stereotypes

Hey guys,

what do you think is a typical french stereotype.

i got a few:
French allways drink wine
French never comes on time at an appointment
French people allways eat cheese...

do you guys have some?

I need them for an assignment and i thought, it would also be fun to talk about :P


thanks everyone for the help you gave me!

Have a nice week!
i'm glad that not everyone is as ignorant and immature like you and are just being helpfull and funny at the same time.
french women are very nice (between 16 years and 20 years old)
Snobbish baguettes/snails/frogs eaters ? :D
like those, yes
they look like turks or are black
French ppl have :{> Mustašš
90% of french ppl is retarded on the internet

true story.
they say fdp and mdr
Parlez-vous anglais ?
all black nowdays
They're allways very formal...
french always lag
most of them refuse to talk a foreign language eventho they are able to!
cause they are the most ignorant and narcistic nation next to jewland :)
at least our nations team isnt filled up with some imported strong sunned guys from former colonies :O)
So what ? you are jealous ?

edit : if you speak about football (soccer) you homo nazi. football (soccer) is for gay.
y should i? i guess its not only in football :DDDDDDDD

and just btw u uneducated piece... nazis burned gays so theres absolutely no sense in ur fail discrimination. but hey do u even learn about nations history or just ur own pride one? some napoleon fail and some uhlalala vive le frog revolution back in the 18th century?

but tbh since ur mega mad now cause ur takin it once again to serious, u just proven ur lack of irony and humor, since u prefer being a grim patriotic/narcist of ur so called 'grand nation', who insta tries to deliver hard flame with 70yo outdated stereotypes. if someone dares to make some random 'fun' of ur country in the internetz. just chill man, being mad all day isnt good for ur heart.
I'm not mad at all so your agument is invalid. YOU should see again your history lesson.

See this journal is full of crap about france. I just said nazi and homo nazi (yea search a bit about homo nazi in google).

Now i quote you :
Quoteif someone dares to make some random 'fun' of ur country in the internetz


Quotejust chill man, being mad all day isnt good for ur heart.

I think you're lost.
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ye crap journal requires crap posts :) still ur way to serious, nor i insulted u personally (maybe u feel offended by stereotypes? if so i just say 'hit dogs bark') ... just like this history lesson shit right now. there is no reason given why i should do that again - or wasnt ur mighty revolution @ 1791 which is 18th century? - just random bs flame without any foundation, which make me believe ur maybe not able to argue without insulting (is this now a insult now? ur just a guess? or troll? or just some random shit, cause i dno what else to say? srsly calm down by burning that lovely door and enjoy the day.
Yeah I don't want to use my brain to ague in english on crappy journal.

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get this a lot of the time with french/polish/german/dutch tbh. mostly french though.
Well, at least we're able to express ourselves in a foreign language unlike others.
always the same shit argument. I had to learn french and spanish in school for like 3 years and when the option came i decided learning those languages served no purpose.

e: and you don't seem to get the point.

- I speak in English to a random player
- random player replies in French/Polish/German/Dutch
most germans do to when they are with other germans and like 2 other players in war
that's actually true, i'm french and i'm really ashamed about that.

Basically people can't make the difference between Parisians and French people. All around the world, ppl think that we're snob, arrogant and not respectful but that's totally wrong.

And the thing about black people remains on the fact that the French national football team is mainly composed of black players. You will meet a lot of arab and black people in the suburbs but we mainly are white :)
"I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me." —General George S. Patton
talk to you in french eventhough you speak to them in english i.e ego
fdp mdr
also there is some random ss where a french guy says tg to butchji @ nc and all french fags see something cool about it
ou sont les toilettes
va voir ta maman ;D
j'ai chié d'un pamplemousse sur la poitrine à ta mère
what sorry ?
j'ai infecté ta mère de sida avec un concombre qui viens du Nigeria
you wanna say that you're from nigeria and you have AIDS ?
non, le concombre
le concombre c'est ta maman ?
ta mère a une bite de rhino
that's why my dick is so big =)
ta mère en a une plus grosse
Ca sent la croute de moule par ici. Tu devrais dire à ta mère dallais faire les trottoirs plus souvent.
je coupe les lèvres de ta mère et je les soude à une bite de rotweiler
je prends la croute de ta mère et je le donne manger à des chinois.

fra-montana: tg/ tm
he mad about tank fullhold
not fair to say "hey u need to repair tank11!!1" when oppos cant get it :p

so he found what he wants.
nothing special about saying shut up. just don't understand why some guys saved the screenie and post it soemtimes ;P
its funny reply :p
what's tm?:d

e: nvm got it :D
they lag, mdr, bauggete, frog and snails eaters, gays, 69, wine, zidane head attack, english?!
zidane head attack loled :)
funny, i haven't seen ANY french people being active in this journal YET :P
they don't feel like speaking english, have to wait a bit more though.
mange ma merde sale arabe , jtencule a sec
ta gueule sale fils de pute. c'est toi qui se fait enculer. meme par des chevaux.
Ta gueule, t'es pas français toi, mais Canadien.

image: caribou_dp
scuse le belge :PPP
they suck
terrible drivers
they like plows
Lies, you just want to provoke french hate.

no it's true it's for an assignment :-)

if you want i can send the information i sought up to you

there are no french stereotypes, every single thing people say about them is troo!
are you billcavalion :o)?
What do you call a pointless race that covers 2,200 miles throughout France?

The French.
the French aren't a race bro, the'yre a nationality :(
French are tards
Fortunately there are guys like MarseilleLeFrancis that are awesome.
Looks like you're France. That's true, you're retarded :)
j'ai la flemme de parler anglais désolé :(
su, cuz i like u doesnt mean french ppl aint retarded in et.

u own them they go "fdp"
french girls are hairy
they eat bagguets, frogs and snails
They are always speaking french everywhere and always whining
99% are noob at video games
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you can't even win your own races!
Mais vos gueules les noob. Mdr.
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