ET-Xreal dead?

have been down for at least 2 weeks now.
last word i heard about the project was that the guy would continue, but was just a little bit busy atm.

did i miss something?
ages ago that i have heared something about that Oo
overdose > ET XreaL
QuoteI'd say more like CoD.

- No shooting while sprinting or climbing ladders or swimming
- No strafe/ramp/rocket jumping
- Recoil
- Iron sights
- No crosshairs at all
- High spread from certain weapons and not so much from others as you would expect
- Aiming improves when standing still, more when crouching, even more when prone, and even more when aiming down sights
- Very high damage from headshots (instant kill with certain weapons) and moderate damage otherwise
- Bullet velocity and power decreases with distance or when penetrating thin/soft materials
- And erm.... well I guess that's all I can say for now

but im sure you read that before, i just remind you why your statement is false

or rather that they cannot be compared with each other.
Get it going it was so promising
I dont know the exact conditions or the state of Xreal/Xreal-ET by Tr3b, BUT

Tr3bs job on that Xreal-ET is mostly done. The overall idea was/is to port the xreal renderer (graphics only) on the released ET-Engine. Basically you can compile and play Enemy Territory with this new good looking renderer (etmain) and play. All that would need to be done is a competition mod and ofcourse all the artwork/maps/gfx. That is a similar state as at what Axis Revenge was when we still worked on that. Just this is even more advanced and could relatively easy get us a new ET-clone with proper graphics and a modern engine (netcode and everything). You "just" need an awesum art-team and some proper coders.

That is how I think it is, havent looked into the topic for some months though.

Dersaidin would know more as he also contributes to Xreal or more exactly works on a game project based on top of the engine.
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