what do you do when you can't sleep? And why is that you can't sleep? I always can't sleep when I emo :< atm I'm watching 6th season of House and am about to watch some Coupling.

Screen emits too much light ...

dunno, maybe it's true.

had a sort-of nightmare and don't feel like sleeping anymore, gonna watch series for few hours then sleep for another few.
woke up 16.12, tried to fall alsleep around 4, didnt really manage, woke up at 6.10, now going to work. sux.
LoLol0l I haz insomnia cuz I was hardc0re staying up until 3am :PppppP
^ Is what a lot of nerds are like though.

When I can't sleep I just go make some green tea and stick some music on, have improved my sleeping pattern considerably since starting college, though I still get about 5 hours a day. Used to be awake for up to 5 days having minimum sleep for the rest, always feeling tired, constant blood tests and taking medication so glad that's mostly out of the way now :)))))
wait.. you have IMPROVED your sleeping pattern at college?
Well you can't really do much when the girl next to you is sleeping :p
oooooooooh... girl next to u... ooooooooh
I see what you did there
kick her out & go party :)
Kinda had to force myself to try get some sort of sleeping pattern, ofc have to get up at 6:45 every morning else I will miss my bus. Started off getting about 3hrs sleep at night, now I can get on average 6 so not all bad!
u stalker???
this morning at 2am, i started to watch houses 6th season!
u stalking me??
Hehe nice topic, because I have this "insomnia" for the first time... if you can call it like that. I went from Portugal to Finland at the night. Got to home at 09.00 and haven't slept at all. Still feeling great :)

Dont know about Insomnia m8. I hear that if you dont sleep long enough you can get some mental issues... or if you can't sleep you already have them :P

Great movie btw.
fap...but with my ass not with dick
insomaniac good enrique's cd
only fags cant sleep...

srsly how lame u have to be to not be able to sleep? im not talking about situations when u sleept like 6 hours during a day and stuff ofc...

but the best way for you would be killing ur self
you must be a doctor
im not a fag... thats enough
Let's see what Koop thinks about this:

Drink yourself to sleep!

Feeder approves:
And no it's not a gay song, at least watch it till chorus, then you can hear what I mean :p
Give the best to solve the problems you're having or do some plans to 'fight' against them. Then you can tell yourself that you did what you could and can sleep now without problem.
Works perfectly for me.
Since i stopped kajak on competetive lvl when i was 12 i cant sleep more than 2-3 hours /day , usually i fell to sleep around 2-3 and i have to get up at 5 cause of school.Used frontin for sometime , its some kind of anti depressant but it ended up trolling my energy level :(.For what i do now is runnin every 2 day and doin box excersises with my step father.It works fine for now , althou i still cant sleep enough , sex helps a lot but i only meet with my gf on weekends so....

btw stop smoking , same for weed
soz for engrish
couldn't sleep tonight aswell. I went to bed at 02.00, watched some tv for like half an hour then tried to sleep.. Fell asleep at 05.00 and just woke up 2 hours to late for college:(. I have this way to many times so i gotta start working on it.
I certainly dont have insomnia, I just have trouble to get to sleep.
who needs sleep
If you work, you cannot have insomnia man, so LOOK FOR A JOB!
sleep is overrated
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