SLAC help needed.

so since I've got a bit more time I decided to play et again, but the problem is still the same as it was 7 months ago, slac is just not working on my PC, and chalpja doesn't know solution it seems, so thats why im here and asking you. ( I followed his solution with installing SP3, and still nothing)

at first here is my profile., My firewall is off, and I don't have any active AV on my pc so there's no chance that something is blocking slac.

Im turning on SLAC, log in and click on start the game
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When im in the SLAC is still working, I minimalized ET and checked it in the proces, so there's no way that somehow its turning OFF everytime im starting et, But still i can't connect to any slac server and command /sl_ is not working
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One more time I will say when im in the game, SLAC is on all of the time, even chaplja checked in on the site and it's showing that im using slac right this moment..

If aynone of you know how to fix it please tell me, maybe it's deactivated somehow? Or i have to change some ingame options? Maybe you know some programs blocking slac, like Anty cheat for other game for example.. no freaking idea what to do.

looking forward for your answers guys

EDIT: just had to run it with unanimity to WIN 2000 system, changed it in properties of the file, CHEERS! :)
Never heard of that kinda problem before :o

I suggest you just try to reinstall ET and/or SLAC and see if it's working with fresh install.
okey I will try, what is needed for ET now? patch 2.60 then 2.6b and something else?
the newest patch + etpro.

Do you run your SLAC as an administrator? Because that seems like the problem i had with vent when i started using win 7.
yeah i've got only one user on PC and its administrator, what's the newest et patch?
right click on SLAC -> properties -> compability(?) -> run as an administrator -> apply

then start it.

are you pressing teh "Start the Game" button on SLAC or are you just opening ET from HLSW/ET.exe?
im pressin start the game button

on a serious note:
I guess you tried a fresh install of ET?
u dont start the game via slac. That's the problem.
Clicking on Start the Game button is not starting ET via slac?
the problem can be that u click it but slac doesnt when game start if SLAC is still openend with all commandboxes disabled
It's loaded like i said the master of SLAC said, at site its showing that im active in game.. ;s
disable firewalls, antivirus and other rockit programs (like anticheats and stuff) something block communication between client and master that let think the server that u are without slac..i see u did it...most of the time these can cause this prob..otherwise ask chaplja
it's better for both parties if you won't play et again (samecan happen with cf)
Do you have other programs running besides slac/ET?
nope only this one
k, dunno then. I had that problem while I had Mumble running.
Try without SP3. I had like 98345938593845 problems in ET with it.
Otherwise i have no fucking idea :(
tried on SP2 and solution of slac master was to use sp3 -,-
PC without sp3 are fucking risky because of so many backdoors. Makes it so easy to get access to your PC... Just as a sidenote :)
I think this server requires slac, visite the website for more information.
browse > et > start game
OK guys thanks everyone for answers, I just had to run it with unanimity to WIN 2000 system, changed it in properties of the file, CHEERS! :)
Do you mind to write this stuff into the slac forum aswell to help us to create a helpbase? (just if you didnt already) :)
sure thing you can do it, but tbh it's pretty weird that master of slac couldn't help me with such a little bug for 7 months of pmming him ;d
like it seems its not a slac problem more like a windows problem and he just code slac not windows :)

Think about it :)
yeah but it's his program so his work is to fix the bugs and know the solutions of the problems ;) who if not him
if it would be that easy... ^^
lol now ET is closing after every round..without slac i don't have it ;s you know why maybe?
pretty easy to say this
i dont have a clue about programming but i think finding a bug like this is like searching for a needle in a haystack without being able to test it on ones own pc since he doesnt have that bug
also keep in mind that there are normal teams finding and fixing bugs for programs and he has to develop and maintain it all on his own

just saying tho
stupid question, u remembered to run ET via SLAC?
not that u just open slac and then start ET from desktop or something :P
just saw you in pub
Put f-secure off helpd for me ( Or som other if u got )
ET is closing after every round, what the hell?! someone knows?
did you try to start et with HLSW or All seing eye instead of using the "start the game button"?
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