[LOL] Ashe, the useless skinflute player

this ashe guide was posted on leaguecraft and only survived a couple of hours, it amused me as hell, so me wants to share with crossfirelolnerds


image: asheskinflute

btw. "notsorandomchick" in googlepics = ~33% crossfire.nu results.


image: hot-girls-sexy-girls-11
dont think its funny if u dont play that lol/wow/hon games, so i didnt read it
it still could be amusing, dont want to force you tho.
she does mma?
not funny
So my team scored an ace, and we destroyed their tower and inhibitor. Then my ashe said "We must press on", I thought she said this after a complete analysis of every champion location, items and abilities, so I began attacking their inner tower.

Then the 5 enemy champions killed me while my team was running away and telling me to b.

I was called a noob by everyone ;_; , so Riot please remove this sentence so people don't get confused by it.
I feel so sad cause what happened to you =/
yes, this happens to me with evelynn as well, "time to feed", and then team flame me cos im feeder, i just obey what my champion says :S
Yeah, i glad I dont play Evelynn, would be sad that you are forced to feed all the time =/
You should try playing Mundo, he turns out to be pretty handy to remind you which champion you are controlling in a team fight.
Mundo so useless champion :|
I build him as a tank and people can't kill me NIGGER. 5k HP and not even bothered. Chase people down and throwan my briefcase.
Still, worst tank in game with Mordekaiser, no stuns, not snares, only slow mundos axethrowshit.

And as mordekaiser you are forced to build Rylai's if you want to be atleast semi-effective tank.

They are only hard to kill. Thats all. Any non-retarded player dont even touch them before weaker heros are dead
Morde isn't good at defending teammates, but he is good to run through the melee and smash the ennemy carries + his ulti is game turning.

+ mundo is the strongest 3v3 champ by far
Well yeh, agree about morde but theres so many better tanks than Morde :)

And about 3v3. Played only couple games in my life and it sucks donkeyballs imo
u mise?
some1 got pwnd hard i guess ^^
Ashe is awesome hero
Ashe is not useless at all when played right. Also didn't find the guide funny at all :p
Hot mma chick tho :D
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