Best frags

post your favourite frag

here is mine: snoop completely destroying ALNC's defence

snoop also best ET player imo, yours?
Germany powelcheck
c'est super sombre + ils ont fait l'obj c'est un peu dommage!
I know ! Mais pas moi qui l'ai fait le montage, j'etais pas au courant :D.
Puis pour le frag, peut pas tout faire xD
iPad sucks, cant play videos on owned :<
sample shooting walls

no link tho
its was snb team not alnc :S you noob!
snb always alnc!
no meez no rk no sight no rahula no joop/viax = no snb
My personal favorite:

My own clips: Some old quality-clip Another one, too bad theres no hitsounds, I hit like 2-3hs per frag
nice aiming mate ;)
haha swaniiii
Germany snoop was underrated aim wise imo, he is truly was one of the best aimer out there in his time, so was Germany senji and Germany urtier, my vote goes to them
sick, GermanyUrtier,EstoniaReload
United States of America Bullet vs new age gaming on supply

Japan steve vs Atrocious on supply

Best etplayer is hard to choose, butI think snoop is first :>
all Slarto clips
grzesiek :> me and qonwax (scott) cleaning out
Standard SNB, I take out snoop while rest of teammates feed in spawn.

Always the same.

ps: can't find a video of it but perfo going massive vs FiF in the closing moments of supply at cc6 to put us through to the wb final by a few seconds
the clip is at the end of the snb movie


i'm definitely going lan, you?
thats the one? thought it was a little further on like around the same time as my arty? ah well

ps: home for easter... game?
Not home til Friday dude!
I only got killed once by lotto airstrike.
feruS frags on adlernest when he was defending the controls and killed with gun, pistol and knife :D
aaaaawwww :3
sup tobias, coming lan?

i like these frags the most because my bros and i made them tekoa completely destroying MM's attack
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
.............\.......... _.·´
i think i might go buy some sheba
I don't think Cesar's advertising is having the desired effect.
you taste good to me
Dunno about frag, but leparis nc docrun is just awesomeness<3
maybe not my best but one of the most memorable (at least for me)

not my favourite, but definitely my most memorable
my favourite frag is on demo, but:

razz vs idle @ 2:31, always loved this frag.
I have flash in my ipone 4.
Also, theres no flash app for jailbroken ipad ?
did you jailbreak it?

Oeps, I failed with reply :|
Everyone posting their own frags? Ok

The best frag in history has to be Belgium D4vid's RTCW fullpull in TC_base, can't find it right now
It's at the end of dAv1d's destination.

Snoop is/was pretty good at making multis

He still one of best aimers tho
LOL u should guys watch how I just end to death the journals or any post on cf.

I always reply my humbold opinion in this forums and randomly the journal run out of replies

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