My babyyy

Its time my baby got ready for the roads today, winter is gooooneeee :D

( 2011 mustang )
image: ws4m6d

what 200euros :DDD cars do u guys rideeeeeeeeee
how much did you pay mate
Sold my car to get a mountain bike :PPp but parents just getting me an escort van to transport my bikes in so nP! Could put cosworth engine in it ;)))

but atm working on long project car

image: 195923_10150142729281891_660051890_6947864_7345363_n

image: 5335822613_9778b44dbc_z

almost complete, and better than that new shit you have :D
Mr Bean car?
1,2,3 and 4
4 wheels
aag fuck, i only remembered the car he used to go to the swimming pool
yea, thats totally a Mini cooper, totally.
why so serious
Renault Megane 1.6, 1996, 197.000 km! Hope it survives the 200k :-D
:XXXX ahaha

I have the clio u_u
ahhh renault

in cro we got a saying: "everything is 5, only renault 4"

image: 355-Renault4GTL005
got same 96 megane 2.0 147 ps ;)
Audi RS4, race lr? ;)
Nä då, jag kör en A4 med ynka 200 hästar :P byta upp mig mot en S4 efter sommarn förhoppningsvis!

Kan tänka mig att 411-412 hästar sitter fint, sjyst kärra alex, ta väl hand om den! :)
nice lie alexL
haahahahaha ok
most used car by kebabs
so true, 2 kebab stores use our garage for repairs and both their families use bmw too :D
bmw is a well known paki car, well atleast some models.
bmw = ownage
bmw = german = ownage

jokin bruv
german cars = ownage
typical russian punk!
not really, i never start to argue first or be a gopnik to my fellow estonians

but my love for BMW will never change x)
Was lame trolling attempt :D
serdar somuncu wanna have a word with ya
bayerischer mistwagen
Nissan Primera ~invitation,1996, 2.0, 190.000km !!!
Anyone who gets Mustang not made in 60s must have small penis...
How many license plates do you need? And a pic with YOU and the car ! :=)
my baby <3

image: renault_megane_sedane_y_kombi_2
e-class fuck yeah, best car ever after bmw
sjyst åk
image: big-bobby-car-classic-dolphin-blue

Sport model np

To slow for my police car!
image: BIG56343_Baby%20Porsche_1

well check my porsche Vrroooom!
Thats a cheat van i win!
renault megane 2.0 . 1996 178k
image: nice_and_clean_black_audi_r8_2-568-426

almost a swiss number :P
ich lebe grad ned ide schwiiz :)
da isch aber trotzdem nöd ernsthaft din Chare :p
schön wärs :D
alexl 200 euro? cant be. why so low priced
if i m right this mustang is 2010 :D

driving with range rover sport supercharged
why the fuck do people take pictures of their cars
would love to put my s5 next to it and see then xD:p
päriselt ka sul on puue?
2011 Leonart Bobber 125

image: shapeimage_3
nice man, my first car is gonna be a motorbike aswell :P
great price, great sound, great consumption and runs beautiful! only if I were allowed to drive the 350ccc version I'd never get rid of it. :0)
my mates 2010 Yamaha R1 1000cc

image: 198173_10150117591021448_574876447_6709985_5544014_n
Fucking nice
image: bmw_m3_coupe_01

this one's getting close to mine
image: Audi-Audi-S3-310-PS_448

getting the normal version of it (Audi s3) soon and gonna tune it kinda like that, just without the Decals at side and maybe other wheels :>
junge laber nicht :D
3 reiche omas + eltern = win :]

kostet auch nur ca. 20 k, is gebraucht..
20k is ja nichts
doch find ich schon, besonders wenn man noch nich so lang den lappen hat bzw noch keine ausbildung angefangen hat :/
und dann 20k wtf bist du millionär :D
my fav car. will be mine hopefully next year!
nice car you got there, is your vid still on youtube where you started the engine? :D
and still: my car kicks your cars ass! sorry.
es ist mir ein völliges rätsel wie ein MANN einen käfer mit einer ente verwechseln kann... du mädchen!
how is babby formed
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alexL back!
yea a mustang on sweden roads yea

hope u have snow tires
BMW M3 E93 - daddy paid.
Volkswagen Golf V R32 blue!
Volkswagen Polo - from 2003 - black
image: 800px-Mazda_2

zoom zoom zoom
Volkswagen Passat '01
203k km
Grabbing pics from Google or what?
AlexL how do you make this paper?
tell me your secret, if your hussling me me
So many penis-substitution-cars in this journal
image: 33206087-640

got like 500,000km on it, probably even more. she's still truckin tho
how many children do you have?
why wouldnt you buy a small car like a golf 3 or 4.
i didn't buy it. my dad just bought it because my sister destroyed our old van and we needed a 2nd vehicle.
ah k , rofl
I had a polo GTI 1.6 litre but I lost my job so I had to sell it. My uncle has a renault megane in his garage, 1.4 so I might have a look at it when I get a job sorted out. canny wait.
mine ( bought yesterfay 8D )

image: img0218zt
image: AST002

won it with poker
image: 42967d1208383879-rims-should-i-put-my-2004-mustang-black-rims

can't touch me alex :D
Subaru legacy -93, 4WD OFC
hell yeah i do like =)!
image: 154852_1721617558853_1190730870_1913368_5345088_n
* > cars

my bike :)

< 4 Sec 0-100 km/h
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