mAshed = mini-tosspoT? :P

amazing shoutcasts, gl
mashed > *
<3 him
HeadShot} TosspoT
mashed is cool
Mashed's awesome.

Only minor point is he tends not to focus on the 'big picture', just on frags, but that doesn't stop him being a great caster.
Gets a tad absolved in the action, forgets stuff :p

Still a great natural caster.
Too bad I cannot hear him, cause his outbound is like -50, but a great shoutcaster he is!
noobcakes... you probably hear him talking between his casts in, he gots his mic open but he is not SHOUTcasting :):)
Yep, nice shoutcast GL.
Mashed was awesome.

i always loved his voice <3
he should count before the game starts, so i could sync it better
You're doing great job Mashed, keep it up. :-)
I think he hacks
<3 Mashed
FlyingDJ > aLL.
mashed, and his <3 spiderman ! XD
<3 mashed
hes father must be proud <3
Really enjoyed listening to his casts earlier today, nice work mate :)
Mashed uber alles !
'ma lil rugby boy <3333 :D done great job here in Poznan ;-)
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