/b/ wtf man

i honestly dont get why ppl still go to that site
was fun 5 years ago, now its just retarded
Same with cf, you're here though.
yea i dont get why actualy..
dont get it

glad i dont visit that retarded website
even if that site would be in latin i wouldnt understand it any less
Thats Crescent Fresh!
You have been permanently banned from all boards for the following reason:
Why would you visit /b/
To keep up with the recent memes so he could spam them on crossfire, obviously.

less user less idiots.
just had to post it
image: 76d13385e53c2a4536bf6258b9693c4c
rule 1 and 2 only apply to raids new fag
what rulessss
learn about rule 1&2 before you talk about them.
even though we definitely see how retarded the average crossfire user has become it is not the result of a raid, 1&2 apply to raids newfag
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