Mx 518 + icemat

Do u know the reason why does it behave in such a weirdo way ? Any solutions? Mx518, icemat, mousefix, usb 500hz, win xp 32bit.
turn the mat upsidedown
Good idea, till now I tried to turn upsidedown my desk
Buy aimboat
gnajda approves
I've never had a problem with the 510 or 518 on an icemat...
change mousepad
icemat = shit
buy razer one
Also had Icemat but with Razer Deathadder, one of the most fucking horrible shoppings I've ever done in my lifetime (50€). Table with suitable amount of grease and shit is 3x better than any "GAMING" mousepad (or any "GAMING" equipment for that matter).
Grease? As in dirt or as in the fluid?
Ye dirt & shit, would kinda suck for the mouse if the table surface was covered in oil products / melted fat
allsop xxl classic > all
icemat for 50 euro? wtf :XD
i bought it for like 7-8 euro new
Year issue 2003 when glass was rare & shit
ile dpi ? i jaka "rewizja" mx518 i czy na blacie tak samo sie zachowuje ? yy czysciles optyke ;>?
Cant really see the issue, do you mean the lines being that straight or what?
it loses when I'm tryin to make circles with quite high speed
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