Cool music.

Yoow, What do you guys find of that kind of music? It's a new rage here where i live. I'm ofc fan of it. what's your opinion about it?

u live in a basement?
Nothing special.

Here's some metal to make this journal better
metal is not my thing :p so i better not argue with you :p
gtfo and dont come back unless u get some music taste
I'm open to most kind of musics. i listen to nearly all. so show me what you're listening to but plz don't come with your shit nigga hiphop cuz i won't bother listening.
okay, they're cool to. not rly my thing neither, but it's not a problem for me to listen to. check this out:
prodigy is great, but the song u posted is fuckin dubstep... no can do for me :D
2 of them are blocked in germany
the other 2 were simply shit
so in the end
i felt lucky that the other 2 were blocked.
didn't know you posessed a tool to rate music

such a fool I've been thinking music was a matter of taste, silly silly me
im glad i could help u :-)
Dubstep is cool, you should check out an artist called,
Flux Pavilion he is one of the best there is

have a nice day...
skrillex number one :p
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10 things I hate about Dubstep:

1. It’s music for people off their tits on drugs.

2. It’s repetitive and annoying.

3. It’s the new bandwagon that everyone’s suddenly jumped on because it’s ‘cool’.

4. What is this so called ‘skank’? I thought it was a punk dance?

5. The fact that someone likened it to ‘electronic heavy metal’.

6. That it’s become the new ‘alternative’ music, despite its urban roots.

7. There’s nothing uplifting or liberating about it at all, it’s just dull and meaningless.

8. The fact you can’t tell songs/artists apart from each other because it all sounds the same; boring and monotonous.

9. That you immediately lose cr00sh points if you say you’re not a fan.

10. A lot of it developed in Croydon, which is pretty much the worst place to live/be.
bestest troll.
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