pga = best lan ever?


agreed imhohohoh
no reload on this lan
no perfo on this lan either :(
no perfo on this lan
perfo on lan?
thank god i didnt get a chance to go with cdap! :)))))
english is hard
whine to kris about that :)
Sa oleksid võinud nautida Poola kaunist maastikku ja random kuule :P
the best final decider ever!
skilled lan ever
true, finally no finish players !<3
It had its good points, but I wasn't there so it wasn't best ever. Plus the final decider was stupid.
u wasn't there so u can't understand feelings of players, shoutcasters and spectators when they decide to play decider in that way and when they end it. It was like one big scream ^^. Btw admins didn't decide about decider format. It was players decision.
knife round , to they actually go around wth knives? ;/
plz, kutid panid kokku 10k oma trippi alla ning sittagi tagasi ei võitnud :dDDDDDDDDDD
I agree.
Great Coverage etc
I liked the team presentations with tactics
yeh, that was nice
They were done by our teddy bear - HS`Thoro ! ( yes FF-Thoro )
much love for him !
thx chaoz and reload :*
<3 sinuss :*
I cant say, because I didn't watch any match,too bad :(
gg to HSTV!
nice coverage + nice mathes = nice LAN :p
+ good coverage
+ intense matches
+ kniferound

- cdap without perfo's headset
- polish lag even on LAN
- polish language
no coz it was 5on5 and there were just 6 clans =) but the coverage etc. was excellent
It was awesome - really in order to get the proper feeling of it you had to be there :D was my 1st LAN and hopefully won't be my last :)
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