drum&bass megamix

just found out this megamix


awesome :{D
yes its decent
dunno what u guys find so amazing in those "songs" for me it's like very noisy stuff put together destroying your ears

anyway i still approve your journal thank to teh ":{D"
np for teh ":{D" but i know its not cool music for truck driver you prefer metal for sure on the road and i dunno why we speak english cause we speak both french :{O
I honestly listen to metal but also gangsta music and pretty much everything except those stuffs you listen to
et on parle anglais parceque NetherlandsFrop devient mad quand on écrit pas en anglais eheheheh
Metal destroys ur ears.. wtf
je suis aviser Netherlands Frop ton commentaire
i hope i was right, my francais is bad tho
how can u listen to gangsta shit? its total ear rape. just horrible to hear in each song 'fuck all the bitches, my cock is the massivest one ever, i rape ur mom u son of a bitch, u all suck and im the only true nigga u losers[hide=']

on encule le Netherlands Frop :{DDDD
Nice 1 ;)
got already on my ipod for some weeks :p

awesome tho
okd >_>
It's more like a minimix tho :D some big tunes I've been raving on last year, good memories :-)
Since I can't send pm's///

Well got a new chan but not sure about starting to upload stuff again since I lost all of my hard collected subscribers and stuff :(
Aww that's too bad :(
Indeed, YouTube isn't what it used to be 2 years ago, almost every video unwatchable in Germany etc. :s
i prefer more a mix of 2hours ;)
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