Where am I ?

People are spamming me where i am, well its time to tell you crossfire. I know i am unbanned but no I wont make any comeback here im sorry.

Atm im running some business so i really dont have any time over... if i got _any_ time at all, I might see you on some Brink public,

image: 5x748y

ciaaooo <3
haha, FUCK ET
me is the busisnes friend of hte alex
Nobody is spamming you, don't lie.
serious business is serious
if u make money yes ;)
lets make a serious business deal, u send me alot of money , and i send u alot of money back, in few years, np4contract
good luck with ur business :)
alex catch me up sometimes at our chan
yeh so u can finaly beat me in a 3on3 game, maybie

trolling <4
mhm? do i know you?
u asked me to play with u a couple of times
asked for a tryout yesterday, when u was serching for a med+ player, took a medish guy
then u and ur team got rolled by me in a 3o3
mhm might be, still i dont know you mate :)
btw, can u send me the demo, when i walked by pass u 3guys in the transfer room at adler.. i didnt record, please: ) we played yesterday around 19-18
im not sure if i recorded and im at uni right now :P
check please, il reply again tonight just to remember you:P
if u got it and willing T*o send PLEASE, just /msg seareal seareal
copy paste that in mirc and press enter anytime, PLEASE, thank you!
nop as far as i can see i don't have it
Thanks for looking
Hi alex!
AlexL im your biggest fanboy
noob! :P
u look totally different and u lost weight :OOO

hi btw <3
it's his puppyface- look
yes, lost pretty much weight, dont want any fat anymore. weight 98kg now :P
98 kg + not fat ? does not compute imho
pure muscles!
Muscles weight around 3 times more then fat :)
serial?? :\
Vad din smutsiga råtta?
its lies and you're a dirty rat :(
ciaoo omg thats gay....
cu iN prison again?
fuck cf, enjoy your life
looking better than before alexL - no homo
what a little botox can do to a shit face
Really dont care where a player is and does. Especially some random cheater.
You look better now, hf @ business
Posted by alexL on Tuesday 19th April 2011, 08:29

image: imgur-ed3qp
goutschi goutschi gou where are u little alexl ?! gutschi gou!
the most colossal enormous care in zeh world for you
gl in heroin bussiness
you need a shave man
cristiano ronaldo !
hey alex :O)
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