finally i'm back

finally at long last with no help from London Heathrow airport nor the M1 motorway + accidents and breakdowns I am back in my cosy home, PGA was absolutely incredible had a great time, will be uploading pics from camera soon will post them here, thanks to all of Headshot, lab, zP guys and just everybody without forgetting my co-UK citizen foonr!, really was a great event :D
Nice casting mashed :)
<3 ur casts
what a gayboy !
i love you too :P
great casting :>
wb to civilisation
how did your did find it? :) wb
awesome shoutcast mashed, next tosspot :)
glad to hear u enjoyed
So, what did your dad say? :D
It was rly nice to meet and talk u with u mashed, but i hope u won't ask me to kiss u next time (i didn't kiss him btw :) ) :P. This guy is rly awesome. Cu @ CPC2 i hope :)
lol Mashed welcome back :>
im t3h jamaican!
lol your just jealous Raged :>
arm wrestling soon!! xD

was nice to share some drinks with you and i bet the casting was great :>
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